Twitter advertising update allows targeting based on email addresses and IDs

Yesterday, Twitter revealed a refresh to its Web design, something still rolling out and ushering in another change, this one for the company's advertising partners: the ability to target based on email addresses and Twitter user IDs. The announcement was made on the company's advertising blog today, and expands the functionality to excluding users just the same, offering more control over all.

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YouTube adds comments page following user outcry

YouTube revealed last fall that Google+ would be integrated into its comment system, causing a sweeping overhaul to the video service and forcing many onto Google's social network. The change went live by early November, and with the changes came a user outcry on multiple levels -- from those who resented being pushed onto Google+, and from creators who found managing comments unnecessarily difficult as a result.

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Google patents process for turning chats into comic strips

If you're a Bitstrips aficionado or a fan of flicking open an old-school newspaper funnies section, a patent Google has been awarded might be right up your alley: turning conversations into digital comic strips. The information turned up in a patent detailing a process that, in terms of the social element, at least, sounds very similar to the aforementioned Bitstrips: the ability to share on social networks, with at least two users being involved in the comic.

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