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1.78m dead Facebook users in 2011 adding to profile clutter

1.78m Facebook users are likely to die during 2011, though don't worry: the social network itself isn't killing people off. Instead, that's the user-churn predicted by Entrustet, a digital-legacy planning firm, which has bashed Facebook's user stats with death rates from the Center for Disease Control and decided that the site will be littered with profiles for ex-networkers by the end of the year.

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Facebook for Feature Phones launched with free data on certain carriers

Facebook has announced a new mobile app, targeted at regular cellphone users rather than those with smartphones. Facebook for Feature Phones is a Java app, and will reportedly work on more than 2,500 devices from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and others, giving access to the homescreen, wall posts, photo galleries and even contacts synchronization.

The app has also been announced alongside a new deal with select carriers, which will - for a 90 day period - be offering free data access to Facebook for Feature Phones, as with Facebook Zero. Fourteen operators have signed up to the scheme, with more in the pipeline.

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Facebook, Privacy & a little Self-Control

Another Facebook change, another privacy uproar. Read the headlines and you might have thought the social network was planning to open the books on private cellphone numbers and home addresses to any advertiser willing to slip them some cash, rather than adding some more sharing options along with the usual granular control over who gets to see what of your digital details. Unsurprisingly Facebook froze its plans pending a reassessment of its privacy controls; unfortunately, nobody is taking Facebook users - and the online community in general - to task over taking some responsibility for what they share.

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Myspace facing up to 50% workforce axe tip insiders

Myspace execs are reportedly considering axing up to 50-percent of the struggling social network's workforce, amid drastic cost-cutting measures intended to counter diminishing revenues and traffic growth. According to NetworkEffect's sources, as many as 550 employees could face redundancy should Myspace owner News Corp decide to go ahead with the plan; other strategies include selling on the social network, with both online game company Zynga and private equity buyers both tipped.

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Path 1.2 adds 10 second video sharing to “personal moment” service

Here's an odd one: Path, which launched an iPhone photo sharing app last month designed to only show your pictures to up to fifty carefully-selected friends, has added video sharing to the v1.2 update. Thing is, only clips ten seconds or shorter can be uploaded, a limit that seemingly addresses both limited mobile bandwidth and the company's ethos of "personal moment sharing".

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Facebook on the Job

When I took a look back at the original Tron movie, one thing that struck me, one thing that I hadn't remembered since I last watched the movie so long ago, was that the encapsulating plot was really about a company that was cutting off its employees' access to the outside world. Jeff Bridges' character Flynn can't get access to the corporate mainframe from outside the company. So, he enlists the help of a couple old friends who still work for Encom, Those friends are disgruntled because their access has been restricted while the company conducts a security review, trying to figure out who has been hacking into the system. It turns out, the company was right to be suspicious. Even though Flynn is vindicated by the evidence he finds, the company was right that there was a security risk.

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Facebook Memories timeline gets accidental preview

Facebook has prematurely previewed an upcoming feature, with the social networking site forced to go offline as engineers scrabbled to put the "internal prototype" back in its box. Facebook Memories introduces a timeline to users' profiles, showing how many statuses were written each year and how many friends were added, along with a sprinkling of photos to illustrate those changes.

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Why TIME Got It Right

In a controversial move, TIME magazine declared Mark Zuckerberg its Person of the Year. Only TIME magazine can do something controversial by avoiding controversy. I'm speaking, of course, of the more obvious pick for Person of the Year, Julian Assange. With the WikiLeaks dump still fresh and flowing, there is certainly an argument to make that Assange had more effect on the world than Zuckerberg. But I think that Time magazine got this one right.

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Facebook photo auto-tagging makes ID’ing friends easier

Facebook has added automatic face-tagging to its popular photo sharing galleries feature, with the system automatically gathering up individuals it believes to be the same in newly uploaded pictures, and allowing users to link them to a friend's profile in one easy step. The functionality is a progression of Facebook's existing face-identifier, which spotted different people in each frame, adding in suggestions as to whom the system believes is in each shot.

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