ExoPC Slate 64GB up for pre-order

If you have been following the cool ExoPC Slate tablet computer that we have been, covering for a while now it is getting closer to reality. As of the September 4, the ExoPC Slate is up for pre-order in 64GB flavor. The pre-order process is a bit different from most we have seen; you have to sign up on the ExoPC forums to be able to access the pre-order link.

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HP Slate Headed for Enterprise Customers, Not Mass Market

Well, there you have it. We've been riding the HP Slate roller-coaster for quite some time now, with our fingernails firmly clamped in our teeth. Waiting on the edge our seat since the acquisition of Palm to see if the Slate, running its infamous Windows 7, would ever see the light of day. And sure enough, today we finally have an answer. It's definitely coming, but there's one big change: enterprise.

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HP Promises webOS Will Appear on Slates and Web-Connected Printers

It wasn't all that long ago, so you probably remember that HP bought Palm. And, with it, there was plenty of speculation about whether or not HP would be putting webOS, the mobile platform created by Palm, on anything else other than smartphones. Like, you know, a tablet. Well, that's all been confirmed. And, on top of that, there's something like a nugget of joy included in the assertion.

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HP Slate Still Exists and This Rendered Video Proves It

Despite the fact the Apple iPad released with some ridiculously good numbers, there are still some other tablets out there. Take, for example, the HP Slate. Yes, it still exists. And yes, it's still coming out. (Eventually.) And with all this hub-bub swirling around the new tablet from Apple, HP wanted to make sure that you didn't forget their version in the news maelstrom. So they've released a newly fashioned video render of their tablet in action. Oh, and it has a USB port, too.

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