Sirius XM Releases New iOS App Optimized For iPad

Sirius XM Radio today released an updated version of their Apple iOS app. Designed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the Sirius XM Internet Radio app, delivers over 120 Sirius XM channels of commercial-free music, sports, news, talk, and more. This new version is now optimized for the iPad and supports AirPlay streaming to iOS 4.3 devices.

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Sirius XM Snap Brings Satellite Radio to Your Car’s FM Radio

Satellite radio is still around, and enjoyed by thousands. For Sirius XM, introducing new hardware isn't something worth focusing on all that much, but that's not stopping them from introducing a brand new piece of tech for all of those out there who may not have a vehicle featuring satellite radio pre-installed. The company labels it as a quick, easy, and simplistic method to get your ears focused on some satellite radio. All you need is an FM radio, cigarette adapter, and the new XM Snap! (which was recently seen at the FCC) and you'll be good to go.

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Sirius XM’s XM Snap satellite radio with FM transmitter hits FCC

A new Sirius XM device, the XM Snap, has shown up at the FCC.  According to the test report, the XM Snap is a digital satellite receiver for in-vehicle use, complete with "a transmitter operating in the 88 - 108 MHz FM band. The XM Snap supplies the incoming satellite digital audio signal to the vehicle's radio via wired connection (Audio cable, FM Direct, or Cassette Adapter) or wireless FM transmission (Power Connect or FEA)."

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MeeGo eyes your BMW dashboard as GENIVI Alliance plan cross-platform ICE

A few weeks ago it was Microsoft in your Lexus; now it's MeeGo in your BMW.  The GENIVI Alliance - a nonprofit group focusing on in-vehicle entertainment (IVI) founded by BMW, GM, Intel and others - has decided to adopt MeeGo as the basis of their next release, using the Linux OS for its multimedia, navigation, internet and other abilities, together with its future integration with tablets, smartphones and netbooks.

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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 35 2009

Another week has come and gone leaving us with memories and a hoard of cool stories to throw your way for weekend reading in case you missed them over the week. An Asus 900HA netbook was hacked into a touchscreen slate on Monday and we really liked it. DIY gear is so cool, especially when it turns out this good. Monday also brought some details on the Blackberry Storm 2 piezo touchscreen tech. We really hope its better than the original Storm.

Sirius XM reveal XM SkyDock iPhone and iPod touch satellite radio system

Sirius XM have announced their first radio dock for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch, the XM SkyDock taking advantage of OS 3.0's third-party peripheral integration to add a satellite radio tuner to the handheld and have it controlled by the new companion app.  The dock slots into a car's power point, supporting the PMP with a flexible arm and custom cradle, and not only allows for listening to Sirius XM radio but for tagging tracks that you later want to buy on iTunes.

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SlashGear tests out a Lincoln MKS-Part 1

In addition to the daunting task of testing out a FyreTV, I was also given the assignment of test driving a Lincoln MKS on my vacation in California. Yes, I am that dedicated. The Lincoln MKS is the mid-size luxury sedan with all of the fixings. Hand-stitched leather seating, duel climate control, a powerful engine, All Wheel Drive, and most importantly (to this publication anyway) Microsoft Sync and the GPS.

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Sirius XM rumored to raise pricing by spring 2009

All of you long time Sirius XM satellite radio subscribers may have something more to worry about starting in spring. According to “ken.muise” at the Digital Radio Central forums you may have more expensive fees as well as some changes to the service they provide by springtime.

The person who is starting this rumor claims to be an employee of the Sirius XM Activations Department, if anyone would know these new policy changes it would be the activation department. The first rumor outlines that each additional radio added will costs $8.99, which is a $2 increase from standard pricing today. The second string of bad news is that online streaming will now cost you $2.99 for most packages rather than being entirely free. This service can also range up to $8.99 a month for the Mostly Music and family Pack.

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Pioneer AVIC-F car entertainment – voice recognition, Bluetooth & XM radio

Pioneer have released a number of high-end in-car entertainment systems for their AVIC-F range.  The three models - AVIC-F700BT, AVIC-F900BT and Premier branded AVIC-F90BT - all feature XM and satellite radio compatibility, Bluetooth with conversational voice recognition that can be used to control navigation, voice control of a connected iPod and a 5.8-inch WVGA touchscreen.  The latter two models also have DVD playback and a built-in MSN Direct tuner.

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