Microsoft Danger tweets tip Pink at MWC 2010?

Whether you're a Windows Mobile lover or not, one thing most people can agree with is that Microsoft really need to pull their finger out if they don't want to see their smartphone business slide away.  We've already heard rumors that the company plans to bring Windows Mobile 6.6 to Mobile World Congress 2010, as well as talk of Windows Mobile 7 making its debut, but now there's speculation that in fact an altogether different device could appear.  Engadget have been sniffing out Twitter messages and compiling a list of those posted "from Danger".

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Sidekick data saved: “most, if not all” files restored

Sidekick owners, you can stop mentally-spending that $100 gift-card T-Mobile promised.  In a new statement updated to the Sidekick forums, Microsoft's Roz Ho - VP of premium mobile experiences - has confirmed that the company has recovered "most, if not all, customer data for those Sidekick customers whose data was affected by the recent outage."  She also confirms that the restored files will begin to feed back into devices starting with contacts; reports yesterday suggested that the process had already happened.

T-Mobile sending $100 gift card to Sidekick data-loss victims

After admitting that they could have lost every scrap of Sidekick users' online data, T-Mobile USA are now following up on their promise of "additional measures" to make it up to affected customers.  The carrier is now more hopeful of restoring lost data than it was at the weekend - when it described the likelihood of recovery as "extremely low" - but any user facing a loss will automatically get a $100 T-Mobile gift card.

Sidekick users face irretrievable data loss; Inept backup policy blamed

It's been a weekend of pain for Sidekick owners, with last week's data outage ironically only the first step in an escalating catalog of mis-management by Microsoft, T-Mobile USA and the Danger team.  On Saturday, an official statement was posted to the T-Mobile Sidekick forum, advising users that personal data stored on their servers and not on the handset itself "has almost certainly been lost", together with the ominous advice that Sidekick handsets shouldn't be turned off, run down or reset.

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Microsoft Pink dying & taking Windows Mobile with it?

After mediocre feedback to the leaked Microsoft Pink handsets, Turtle and Pure, now comes word from inside the project itself that the whole house of cards may be close to tumbling.  An ex-team member has been talking to Apple Insider about the Pink "skunkworks" project and its mismanagement, including attempting to develop too many SKUs simultaneously, potentially misleading hardware and carrier partners, and in the process pulling the rug out from the already-ailing Windows Mobile.  In fact, he reckons the Pink project is "near death and probably will be canceled".

T-Mobile Sidekick users still without data access

There are few things worse for users of a smartphone than having a data outage that prevents you from using the basic functionality of a device. This is exactly where T-Mobile Sidekick users found themselves over the weekend as a data outage has plagued users of Sidekick devices, and continues to do so.

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Microsoft Pink Turtle and Pure phones leak

Crystal ball, secret tunnel or loose-lipped mole; we don't know how Gizmodo are doing it, but hot on the heels of the Microsoft Courier dual-touchscreen tablet leak comes shots of Microsoft's two upcoming Pink cellphones.  The Microsoft Turtle (the squarish model) and Microsoft Pure (the more traditional handset) are both manufactured by Sharp and will be co-branded, and like the Sidekick - which Sharp also manufactured for Danger - will be targeted at a messaging-friendly youth market.

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Microsoft pick ad agency for Pink phone

According to AdWeek, Microsoft have awarded the marketing contract for its upcoming Pink phone to McCann Erikson, the company also responsible for its Windows Mobile advertising.  While Microsoft themselves continue to deny that they have their own cellphone in the works, the news - which neither they nor McCann would comment on - lends further weight to the ongoing rumors.

T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009 on sale: $250

T-Mobile have released the Sidekick LX 2009, the latest version of the popular messaging handset.  The first of the range to support 3G, as we found in our review the Sidekick LX 2009 offers an incredible screen, GPS and a decent nod toward the latest social networking fashions with MySpace, Facebook and Twitter clients.

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