Shuttle launches new SFF media powerhouse – XPC SG33G5B

If you're looking for a SFF PC, Shuttle is usually a good place to start looking. They helped to change the way we think about computers, namely by how large we think they should be. So it's no surprise that they are releasing a new SFF box aimed at media enthusiasts.

Shuttle plans to sell standalone XPC motherboards

Shuttle plans to sell standalone XPC motherboards

SFF enthusiast loves Shuttle. The maker of the famous XPC small form factor desktop has announces that it will be selling XPC’s motherboard as a standalone product. So if you own a Shuttle XPC, you can upgrade your system to a newer motherboard and CPU without having to buy a whole XPC barebones anymore. There are no information yet if these boards can be use in generic ATX cases (I don’t see why not with some case mods).

[via wired]

Shuttle’s new Core 2 Duo SFF computer – P2 3700

Sleek, sexy, and powerful is what I would describe Shuttle’s new P2 3700 SFF. The P2 3700 uses Intel’s 975X chipset that support Core 2 Duo processors. Many gamers will be happy to know that the P2 3700 have two x16 PCI express slot to support Crossfire technology. The new SSF support up to 8GB RAM and four hard drives. One thing concern me about the P2 3700 is the power supply, it only comes with 400W PSU which I don’t think it will be enough to power everything if you loaded it up with dual high end video cards and four hard drives. The Shuttle P2 3700 system starts from $1450. Hope to see it as a barebone system soon!

Shuttle X100 SFF System

Shuttle X100 SFF System

Shuttle Inc is famous for their SFF (Small Form Factor) XPC barebones and computer systems. I’m a shuttle XPC owner myself and I’m always fascinated by what Shuttle could bring to the SFF market. This time Shuttle has done it again with its new XPC X100, the smallest XPC shuttle ever made. X100 is available as a system in whole. X100 full system will start at $699 and powered by 1.6Ghz Celeron M, 512MB DDR-2 RAM, 80GB SATA HDD, and DVD-ROM/CDRW combo drive. The higher end model will sport 1.6Ghz Core Duo CPU, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 250GB HDD and price starts at $999.  I really do hope Shuttle will sell X100 as barebones in the future as many of us HTPC fans would love to pick our own computer parts.

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