Hands On with iPhone 2.0 – new changes abound like Spring cleaning

Engadget has gotten their hands on iPhone firmware version 2.0. Some of the new features include a scientific calculator when you turn your iPhone sideways with the calculator open and the previously announced Exchange support is as smooth as it should be.

Samsung YP-S3 gets video preview – it has bright shiny things on it

I am easily distracted by bright shiny things, and this player’s entire interface is invisible underneath the shiny why exterior until the buttons light up. Its not a new tactic for Samsung, but this is a new player for Samsung, and it hasn’t even been released to the public yet, I don’t think.

Yashica DVC825 and rest of brand returning

Yashica, the brand, is returning with some new digital and film cameras. The DVC825 seems to be from their higher end and is a digital camera that looks simply amazing.

Lightmare watch is true to its namesake

It really is a light up nightmare to read. Almost as bad as some of the Tokyo Flash watches, I think their needs to be a board that certifies these watches with difficulty levels based on how hard they are to read.

Pimp My Dell casemod is most depressing ever

This guy did all this work for a casemod, and for nothing, I seriously think my DVR might be able to beat this thing’s 3DMark score. So it’s a Dell Optiplex GX1 with a 1.4GHz Celeron Powerleap 370 processor.

LG dropping new silver version of the Prada phone

With over 700,000 of these babies sold its no surprise they are trying something new to see how much longer they can capitalize on this single design, and they really are truly amazing devices. Other than the external color change there is at least one internal update as well.

Cyclone Cocktail shaker entertains the drunk when the drinkers are uninteresting themselves

I am sure you’ve been there when you are surrounded by people that are wholly uninteresting or boring and you are all drinking (likely your company’s recent Christmas party). Well, now there is a cocktail mixer that can do a better job of entertaining you than those fools.

Codename Splinter: it’s a wooden car some graduate students are working on

Clearly I haven’t been alone all these years in wondering why we don’t make cars out of wood as some graduate students are actually going to give it a go. I can imagine some logistical problems such as the density of wood, the ease with which it breaks, and its lack of ability to stand up to the elements on its own, but I think they can figure something out.

Metallo Design Gilty Couture for your iPod and iPhone

So you already have an iPod or iPhone, but you want it blinged out a bit without dolling out thousands of dollars, well, the Gilty Couture collection has you covered, well they actually have your iPod covered, but you get the idea. Anyways, you can buy a case for your iPod or iPhone from these folks in various metals/crystal colors and they all look amazing.

Flux Capacitor, now all you need to do is get your hands on a De Lorean

Sadly it’s just a replica and won’t help you get back to the day you were conceived so you can slap your dad on the ass as he’s going at it and then laugh maniacally. But it does look cool, and if you do happen to have the good fortune of owning a DMC-12, it would be a very fitting accessory to add to your vehicle.

Shiny Zelda themed Wii

It seems that someone is making a large amount of cash on gadgets decked out in Swarvoski crystals because every time I turn around there's a new one. Although, I have to admit this extremely shiny Zelda themed Wii would have me rushing to the store, that is if it were in an actual physical store.

HappyEar Flamingo Bluetooth headset

This little headset has apparently won tons of design awards and stuff like that. Anyways, it comes in 8 colors ranging from pastel to somewhat metallic.

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