Heart USB Drive from the Solid Alliance

It has been a while since I've managed to dig up a story involving the Solid Alliance, I was worrying that my favorite seller of overly shiny USB devices had given up.  Without the Solid Alliance, who would I have to bash on over and over?!

The USB LED Aircraft Mouse

If you want a mouse with shining LEDs and in odd shapes, then you might need to pick up one of these little guys. Last year they released these, but now they have more colors to choose from.

Fairy Office Lights are silly but cute

A few days back I wrote up a usb hub that happened to have a task light attached, the usefulness of the light was a bit of a stretch. However, at least there was the hub so it was still a practical and useful item. Yet this string of fairy lights can only be described as shiny.

The Hitachi HP-CN11 Swarvoski crystal earbuds

Apparently I'm on a shiny kick this morning, because I've managed to write up two different very shiny gadgets so far. This set of earbuds is looking overly girly already in the pretty pink and even has a Swarvoski crystal thrown in.

Loewe’s the Individual crystal-studded LCD TV

If you aren't satisfied with just any LCD TV, this overly shiny version will surely keep your friends envious. This limited edition Loewe TV is covered in little crystals all along the edge, to give it that “I have too much money” look.

The TV pictures are displayed at 16:9 cinema format and is 1366 x 768 pixels. The TV decked out in crystals measures 80cm across, diagonally of course. It is sold in black as well as white, although the black looks plenty chic.

The Firestix LED drumsticks

If your plain boring wood Rock Band drumsticks just aren't cool enough for you, you might check out these shiny little LED drumsticks. Although glowing drumsticks aren't for everyone, I am definitely comfortable enough with my geeky tendencies that I'd be happy to play with a set of these.

Coway Megasonic SWV-08AM dish cleaner looks fashionable

I am not entirely sure how this thing works, but apparently the gist of it is soap-less dish washing. Somehow it uses sonic waves of water to remove even the deepest particles of dirt without the slightest amount of soap necessary.

Sony HDR-TG1 – it’s shiny, still kind of iffy on performance

Akihabra News was lucky enough to have Sony lend them one of their newest HandyCams for review, the HDR-TG1. In Europe it’s known as the TG3, but the product is the same, a thin, light, and shiny FullHD digital camcorder.

Gibson rolling out another auto-tuning guitar – its bright, shiny, metallic, purple

You know that robotic guitar that Gibson rolled out last year that could auto tune itself to a number of different scales and were programmable to any custom tuning you required? It was like the most badass guitar ever, well they are making a new version that will be more widely available, since getting your hands on one of the originals was nigh impossible.

The extremely shiny Diamente USB Mouse

A mouse for the general public is typically a boring accessory to an average computer. However, for those of us that live and breath through the computer we need awe-inspiring accessories to accompany it. This sparkly mouse is just the thing to sit next to any pink and/or sparkly keyboard.

Van Der Led WM2 Cellphone Watch – seriously, who is this Van Der Led guy?

So first it was those new notebooks I told you about the other day, the Jisus ones, and now the guy is cranking out a very fashionable cell phone watch. The WM2 is due out on April 14th and boasts a 1.3-inch 260k color touchscreen.

The Crystal-Encrusted Toaster – expensive way to toast bread

For those with expensive tastes when it comes to kitchen gadgets, you'll love this Crystal-Encrusted Toaster from Neiman Marcus. I have on occasion looked at a $50 vintage style toaster and drooled a bit, knowing I have a perfectly good toaster at home.

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