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SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime set top box hits pre-order

I have long wished that I had a cable box that I could use on my TV that supported more than the two tuners that mine has. I really want to be able to record three shows at one time and then watch a fourth recorded one. A new set top box from a company called SiliconDust has landed for pre-order called the HDHomeRun Prime digital cable TV. The part number of the box is HDHR3-CC and it will work with all popular DVR software.

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Vulkano Flow lands for under $100

I mentioned the Vulkano Flow place shifting device back in January when the device was first introduced. The device has now landed for consumers to purchase and it is the first placeshifting device that sells for under $100. The purpose of the device is to stream content from your home to other devices wherever you are.

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New Android set top box inbound from IN Media

You can do many cool things with a set top box for your TV. If that box runs Android, you can access the Android Market and download games and other apps for playing right on your big screen. IN Media has announced a new Set Top Box that runs Android 2.2 and promises tight integration with your Android device.

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BlueDot YouTube Box Releasing in Japan

Not that there is any shortage of set top boxes, or internet connected TVs, but here is another one, dedicated to YouTube. BlueDot is introducing its first YouTube box in Japan, the YouTube XL BTC-10. It connects to your TV via an HDMI cable, and to the internet via an ethernet connection so that you can connect to YouTube directly from your TV.

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Roku Sends Out Roku 2.8 Firmware Update, Adds UI Improvements

If you've already got your Roku set-top box, and you're happy with it, then you've probably been wanting an update to the User Interface for a little while now. Perhaps not a major one, but one that that at least made it look a little prettier, and added a few details. That time has finally arrived, as Roku has begun to push out the Roku 2.8 firmware update this morning.

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Why Google TV Will Be Best Without the Set-Top Box

As you know from my columns here, I’m a bit of an entertainment nut. Whether it’s video games or a set-top box, I’m always looking for the latest and greatest device to satiate my desire for high-quality content that’s available whenever I call upon it.

That’s precisely why I’m so excited to get my hands on Google TV. The search giant’s platform strikes me as a product that does everything the Apple TV should have done. It allows me to search the Web, pull content from just about everywhere, and enjoy some of the apps that I currently use on my smartphone. It’s simply a full-featured product that I’m looking forward to using.

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Logitech Revue Google TV box makes official debut; up for $299 preorder

Logitech has officially taken the wraps off of their Revue Google TV box, and we're live from Google's event having just played with the hardware itself.  A compact box toting WiFI b/g/n, HDMI inputs and outputs, two IR blaster ports, two USB 2.0, ethernet and S/PDIF, the Logitech Revue comes with a specially-designed wireless keyboard - complete with media playback controls and a trackpad - an IR box and, optionally, a webcam for HD video calls.  Up to 1080p HD video resolution is supported.

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New Apple TV jailbreak already in works using SHAtter

The SHAtter iPhone jailbreak we wrote about yesterday looks like it could be even more useful than previously thought.  As well as opening up the potential for jailbreaking/carrier-unlocking the iPhone and iPod touch while still allowing users to upgrade with official Apple firmware, new testing on the firmware for the new Apple TV has revealed that it, too, is susceptible to the same SHAtter jailbreak hack.

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Apple TV preorder payments taken: shipping imminent?

It looks like Apple could be preparing to ship its first batch of Apple TV units, with SlashGear reader Russell letting us know that his card has just been charged for his September 1st preorder.  Apple usually only takes preorder payment when they're ready to send out the hardware, and that would certainly fit in with the company's launchday promise to release the new STB within around four weeks.

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