Blockbuster offers to buy Circuit City for $1 billion

The actual price would be somewhere between 1 and 1.3 billion dollars, but that’s still a lot of coin. Both companies are suffering, and both companies could probably use the boost that this would offer to each of them so it’s a wonder why Circuit City has been sitting on its hands with this offer since February 17th.

DIY instant messenger online contact signalizer picture frame thingy – says the creator

This nifty little gadget was created in an effort to make it possible to see who was online from across the room, or just in passing. So he took some pictures of the few people who he truly cared when they were online, put some LED lights behind them, and then did a lot of more technical stuff to make the lights light up when that person was online.

Mio and ATX partnering to bring you real time info you can use

Mio and ATX partnering to bring you real time info you can use

Mio, long time manufacturer of GPS devices, is partnering with ATX, a major provider of telematics services in both the US and Europe. The types of things this partnership will bring you include lots of location-aware types of data including local weather, weather for your planned destination, in-depth traffic info, and business directories that change as the respective businesses open and close.

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ClarityLife Mobile Phones – simple enough your grandma can use it

This phone is specifically designed for older people serving two purposes. First it literally is easy enough your grandma can use it as that’s who it’s for, second it also acts as an emergency response device phoning for help from emergency services when its needed.

iPass giving consumers Hotspot access and more

iPass has long been a purveyor of WWAN and WiFi hotspot access, but up until now its been limited to employees of corporations who bought into the service. Today there are two new tidbits regarding iPass, first the addition of a lot of WiFi hotspots, second they are going to start offering their services to individuals.

Google vying for ‘White Space’ to broaden wireless broadband coverage

Google has reportedly written a letter to the FCC asking for permission to use the space between channels 2 and 51 on TV sets, which aren’t used by cable services, to offer up wireless broadband services. Such a move would offer up more coverage and maybe even faster and/or more reliable transfer speeds.

FCC 700MHz Auction – the full results, no loose chaff

The big winners were AT&T, Verizon, Qualcomm, and Frontier Wireless, Google didn’t win a thing. VZW took most of the popular C-Block, and ATT picked up 227 licenses from the B-Block.

VZW seems to be the biggest spender dropping a few million short of half of what the entire spectrum sold for at 9.63 billion dollars, that secured them all of C-Block save for Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico, basically the areas where they wouldn’t make any money anyways. AT&T spent about 6.64 billion dollars in the auction which got them a 12MHz spectrum of Block B.

Flash on the iPhone – What Adobe should have said, was nothing

So apparently what Adobe really meant when they said that they could bring Flash to the iPhone with just the SDK was that they could start working to bring Flash to the iPhone using the SDK. They can’t actually bring Flash to the iPhone until Apple gives them more access to the background services and all that jazz.

Ultra Spacestation – 6 bays for all your flash storage needs

This weird, weird card holds 6 really, really small USB flash drives. There are two versions, a 12GB version (6x2GB) and a 6GB version (6x1GB).

Panasonic KX-TDE600 enterprise level VoIP systems – looks like a CRT TV

I really have no clue why the designers thought this rack mounted system needed to look like a CRT television with a burnt in image of “Panasonic” smack dab in the middle. Regardless, we’ve slowly managed to move from the office, to the IDF, and now this would be something more likely found at the demarcation point.

Teraoka Deli Touch Pen could make your next trip to the deli more pleasant

Apparently service, convenience, and swift are all now former characteristics associated with Deli’s in major cities. The lackeys behind the counter generally don’t care about you, your order, or your return business like they used to.

Comcast Stands By Internet Filtering, What’s Your Take?

The cable giant, Comcast Corp has formally admitted to FCC with the uses of Managed Internet Traffic to slow down customers’ file-sharing application, intentionally. They blamed peer-to-peer services like BitTorrent as the main culprit of network congestion and said a managed network is a necessity to prevent heavy users with similar application for media sharing like video, movie and music, etc.

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