PhoneTag Voicemail to Email Transcription SlashGear Review

Voicemail is one of those love-it-hate-it things about modern life.  Yes, not having to answer every call (or worry about missing something important when out of touch) is handy, but then having to listen back to those messages and usually feeling obliged to return the calls can be a chore.  PhoneTag - formerly SimulScribe - wants to take that chore away from you.  Unlike traditional voicemail, or even Visual Voicemail on the iPhone and other handsets, PhoneTag offers a truly visual alternative to dialling in.  SlashGear have been avoiding calls for the past few weeks, trying it out.

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Iron Man gets first ride on Dell’s Content Preload Service

Last time I ordered a Dell PC, I have to go through 10 plus pages of endless configuration steps (exaggerates) . There were too many and countless of optional antivirus, accessories, application and bunch of unnecessary junks for a simple task- order a pc online. As if that’s not enough, Dell has launched a movie preload service on new PC. A new twist that allowing online customers to customize select desktops and laptops with exclusive pre-installed movie bundles.

DVDplay’s promotion, rent Blu-Ray at a dollar

Honestly, I never heard of DVDplay before. A quick search at their web site reveals there are handfuls of DVDplay Kiosks at my local grocery stores. So the DVDplay is basically a movie rental Kiosk service and they have over 1400 stores nationwide. You can rent DVD by simply browse the titles at the screen and return it back within 24 hours for a small fee of $1 per rental. Nice! Now with Blu-Ray for a dollar is even better!

The $1 per rental is limited time promotion according to Home media Magazine. It starts tomorrow but no further information has disclosed when it would end.

MobileMe – Why It Makes Me Angry and Hopeful

Apple's MobileMe is an innovative synchronization service that allows you to keep your bookmarks, emails, calendar, contacts and photos all up to date on all of your devices including your laptop, desktop and iPhone. This is a fantastic idea because I have wasted more hours than I can count getting all of my devices to sync up and "talk" to each other. I e-mail myself things instead of plugging in my phone to my laptop, because it takes too long. You get the picture.

So with MobileMe, I was pretty excited. It offered a convenient way to connect all of my junk (as I call it) and since I already had a .mac account, this was a no brainer. Of course when .mac switched to Mobile Me, all the images on my website disappeared, but that's an entirely different story...

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AT&T WiFi is now available for iPhone users [update: No, it’s not]

[Updated after the cut]

AT&T has started offering free WiFi to its iPhone customers, again! The WiFi service was previously available for iPhone users in on and off fashion. AT&T provides more than 17,000 WiFi hotspots in the country and many of them are in StarBucks locations. While it's great news, it might not be all that to iPhone 3G users that have fast wireless data connectivity already.

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Wal-Mart and Dell partnered up for on-call tech support

I’m pretty sure most of you know Geek Squad, the on-call computer technician that behave as they are some sort of government secret agent. Wal-Mart wants to have its own man in white too – partnering up with Dell, Wal-Mart will be testing the Solution Station in 15 Dallas stores.

The new service unit will be doing work such as PC repairs, setting up home theatre, wireless networking, and electronics that were sold by Wal-Mart. We will have to see how this odd partnership between Wal-Mart and Dell works out.

[via giz]

Rhapsody joins DRM-Free music download bandwagon

If you can’t fight them, join them! Rhapsody finally decided streaming model might not be making as much money as they think and were unable to compete with iPod, so they decided to adopt the download model. Rhapsody seems to understand that consumer hates DRM and made their service DRM-Free in MP3 format.

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.Mac users can now receive emails on domain

Apparently Apple has enabled the ME.COM domain name for most .Mac subscribers. Email sent to should be arriving to inbox by now. Apple plans to migrate the email services from to domain soon, but will also keep the as an alias domain. MobileMe will be replacing .Mac as Apple’s web-based services that provide address book, email, and calendar services. Apple has set MobileMe to launch in early July.

AT&T Suspended its Free WiFi Access for the iPhone

So the free ride is over, AT&T has suspended free WiFI hotspot access for the iPhone. I had personally use it several days ago just by connecting to AT&T WiFi and punching in my phone number and today I’m connected to the same hotspot in Starbucks but it does not take me to the same login screen anymore.

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We7 launched, offers 500,000 DRM-free MP3s at no cost

The free download service We7 is finally here, and claimed to offers 500,000 tracks of music from Sony BMG label and independent artists. These tracks are available to users for free and not protected by any kind of DRM, however it comes with pre-roll advertising that starts before the music track begins and lasts only several seconds.

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Blockbuster offers to buy Circuit City for $1 billion

The actual price would be somewhere between 1 and 1.3 billion dollars, but that’s still a lot of coin. Both companies are suffering, and both companies could probably use the boost that this would offer to each of them so it’s a wonder why Circuit City has been sitting on its hands with this offer since February 17th.

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