Cajun Crawler: Segway concept gets legs

Cajun Crawler: Segway concept gets legs

We saw a DIY Segway all the way back in August 2007, but it's taken a little longer for wheels to evolve into legs.  The Cajun Crawler was built by a team at the University of Louisiana, with the platform design of a Segway but moving on legs rather than a pair of self-balancing wheels.

Video demo after the cut

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Segway inventor creates ‘Net Zero Energy’ LED island

Segway inventor creates ‘Net Zero Energy’ LED island

Segway inventor Dean Kamen is turning his three-acre island home, the regrettably-named North Dumpling, into the first "net zero energy" island.  With no mainland electricity connection, the entire island uses solar power; Kamen has brought in Philips Color Kinetics to replace all lighting with LEDs.  Kamen has also fitted energy efficient appliances and water purification systems, some of which he invented himself.

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Self-Balancing DIY Robot: video demo

Self-Balancing DIY Robot: video demo

Two-wheels good, more-wheels bad.  That's the principle behind this self-balancing DIY robot, which uses similar principles to the Segway to scuttle about the room.  The work of Italian programmer Nicola, the robot is based on an Arduino mainboard and gyros, together with a couple of motors capable of feeding back their position.

Video demos of the self-balancing robot after the cut

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VertiPod taking the Segway to the skies

So this VertiPod thing works like a Segway, the only difference being that a Segway doesn’t generally hover 5-15 feet in the air or use fuel. You can even get going a zippy 40 miles per hour in this little thing, I don’t know about you, but having your VertiPod “trip” over something mid air while going 40 seems like a painful possibility to me.

The steering is much the same as a Segway though, lean in whatever direction you want to go, and then its opposite to cease going that direction. The kits, which you have to put together yourself, come with your choice of petrol or ethanol engines.

GroundSurf, it’s a skateboard with Segway tech built in

So it has an electric motor on the front wheel that works like a Segway, lean forward, you go forward, lean back, you slow or stop. The rear truck also sounds pretty complicated with a 3D cinematic (does it have a camera?) rear truck.

Sensors on the board are what control the motor on the front wheel. Kind of boring right? Wrong, wait till you hear what it can do with a mobile phone.

Segway PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition – $12k for a fancy paint job

When you think about a Segway, I'm sure that the term “speed demon” doesn't exactly come to mind. Ferrari, now that's a name that is synonymous with speed. Oddly enough, these two companies have teamed up to produce the Segway PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition.

The DIY Segway – Lighter and cheaper than the real deal

I've always been a little intrigued by the Segway. I'm fairly sure that even if I could afford one, I wouldn't actually be caught dead riding one, let alone throwing down the cash required for one. If you don't mind being seen on one and have some spare time and money on your hands, you might just be able to make one yourself.

Segway x2 Golf Edition

Despite some malfunctions and recalls, the Segway is still moving along and has come back with a new version called the x2 Golf. What better crowd to target with its nice hefty price tag than those who spend their sunny days out on the green. They've had previous golf editions, but this one is built on their heavy-duty x2 platform. The x2 Golf is meant as a replacement for the golf cart, with its golf bag carrier attachment placed strategically so the device maintains balance on its low-pressure tires that wont tear up the turf. Pricing and availability have not yet been released.

Segway x2 – Golf Edition [Via: Ohgizmo]

Segway Recalled Over 23000 Units Due to Software Problem

Segway Recalled Over 23000 Units Due to Software Problem

Over 23000 Segway has recalled in order to fix a software problem that caused the Segway to spontaneously go in reverse when user is trying to go forward. The fix can be easily applied at the dealership where you bought the Segway. So far it’s been reported that six people are injured because of the problem with their Segway. The models affected are the Segway PT i167, i170 and i180 (“i Series”) models, the p133 (“p Series”), XT (“cross-terrain transporter”), GT (“golf transporter”), i2 models, and all e167 (“e Series”) models. This is the 2nd recall for Segway, the first recall was in 2003 where 6000 units was effected.

Injury risk prompts recall of all Segways [via cnet]

Segway i2 and x2 Official Announcement – watch the video!

It’s official – Segway is introducing the street version known as the i2 and an all-terrain model, the x2. The x2 can travel across dirt, grass, gravel and sand. The price will range from $4,995 for the i2 and $5,495 for the x2. The maximum speed is 12.5 mph, and can go for 24 miles before requiring a charge. The new models will feature a new technology called LeanStear, allowing the vehicle to know whether the rider wants to go left or right! They’ll also come with wireless controller that looks something like a big digital watch. The wireless controller allows the user to turn the vehicle on from a distance. The new models can sense when someone else steps on to help the rider keep track of speed and mileage.

Click through to watch the video of the new Segways in action!

Rumor of New Segway i2 and x2 Coming Tomorrow

Engadget is reporting that multiple sources are claiming that Segway is expected to release a brand new version of the self-stabilizing human transporter tomorrow. This is one hell of rumor being that we just informed you of FCC’s blessing of the Segway i2 and x2 a few days back. According to one tipster, Segway reps told him that the new models would be “70% new and very different from the old models.” The image below depicts the rumored i2; sent in by another tipster.

One of our very own reader test ride the new Segway and has this to say about it:

[daveklements] I rode the new segway today and it is so small and compact you could ride it right up to the class room and park it in front. It even had a remote alarm that detaches and snaps onto a bracelet you can wear like a watch, so if someone touches it, it alert you. It was very trick.

Relate: Segway i2 and x2 final announcement and watch the video!

Segway i2 and x2 Personal Transporter Gets FCC Approval

Segway enthusiast will be happy to know that FCC just gave the nod to two new Personal Transporter (PT) systems called the i2 and x2. The Segway PT i2 is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The PT x2 is optimized for outdoor use only, sporting larger and wider tires, knobby treads and wider stance.

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