SteamOS to have NVIDIA developer tools from day one

This week the folks at NVIDIA have suggested that their developer program GameWorks will not be limited to the likes of Linux and Android - not by any stretch of the imagination. NVIDIA made clear that not only would they be extending GameWorks support - developer tools for games, that is - for Ubuntu environments, but for SteamOS as well. In other words - those gaming developers hoping to optimize their games for Steam Machines with NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards will be able to do so.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active LTE-A leaked for SKT

It would appear that Samsung will be bringing on another advanced version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, this time working with the Active version - waterproof, that is. Like the original Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A, this version looks to carry the more advanced processor in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core SoC. This version also works with LTE-A, also known as LTE-Advanced, that is multi-band LTE ready for the next generation in connectivity.

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Facebook Unity SDK brings high-powered gaming to the social network

Over the past several years, the folks at Unity have created a game development platform where users could make major titles that work on multiple operating systems and in different environments. This week they've announced - at their developer conference "Unite" no less - that they're launching a new cross-platform SDK with Facebook that'll allow games like Shadowgun: Deadzone to be ported to Facebook with ease.

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Microsoft “Lab of Things” will connect your devices at home

As a part of Microsoft's HomeOS project, the company will expand with what's called "Lab of Things", making the case for researchers giving big boosts to devices in your living space. Microsoft's "LOT" will work with the public as well, sending out an SDK (Software Development Kit) to creators of software for the expansion of home-based systems in the wild. This system has been deployed during and in conjunction with the first day's events at this year's Microsoft Research Faculty Summit event.

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Windows Phone 8 SDK leaks out

Windows Phone 8 isn’t due to launch until the Fall, but it looks like the full SDK has leaked out of China. The 1.35GB download was served up on Chinese forums WPXAP, and includes a whole host of files that will enable developers to get up to speed with the latest version of Windows Phone. Users are still scrambling to download the SDK, although the file is also reportedly available on Microsoft’s own servers, provided you have the necessary login details to get at it.

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