Scosche smartROLL Electronic Gaming Dice aim for iPad

This week the folks at Scosche have begun a search for developers wanting to make use of a pair of gaming dice they've invented for the smartphone and tablet universe. This smartROLL Electronic Gaming Dice SDK the team speaks of will be offered to developers aiming to make use of the new little gadgets, working with games galore by late summer.

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Scosche unveils foundIT location device for under $50

If you're constantly losing things such as your keys, purse, wallet, or any other item, Scosche has a new wireless location device you might find interesting. The device is called the foundIT and the location device is designed with the keyring attachment allowing it to be attached to just about anything. The locator hardware is likely too bulky for attaching to your typical smartphone or tablet.

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Scosche controlFREQ car stereo turns your smartphone into a remote

Scosche has announced a new product called the controlFREQ. The controlFREQ and is a stereo receiver for your vehicle that allows you to use your smartphone as a wireless remote control via an included app. Using this app, the car stereo turns most smartphones including Android devices and the iPhone into a remote control button also streams music directly to the receiver.

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Scosche launches new 5 and 12 W Lightning chargers for home and car

Scosche has announced the launch of new charging devices aimed at the Apple iPhone 5 and the iPad mini with the Apple Lightning connector. If you travel a lot with your iPhone or your iPad mini and you need to charge the devices in the car, you have probably been resorting to carrying your official Apple charging cable with you and using a DC USB adapter in the car.

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Scosche backStage pro II iPad 2 car mount now available

If you spend a lot of time in the backseat of a car for any reason or if you have kids that ride in the backseat and like to use your iPad, you may be like me and worry they'll drop it if you have to stop suddenly. Scosche showed off an interesting iPad 2 mount that during CES that was specifically designed to hold your iPad 2 safely and securely in the car. The holder is called the backStage pro II.

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Scosche unveils bassDock for iPad

If you're an iPad user of any generation of the tablet that is looking for a nice dock that will improve the audio quality for your streaming media, and hold the tablet at a more comfortable angle for use, the bassDock might be exactly what you need. The device has 2.1 audio inside and promises nice bass with support for both the iPad and the iPad 2. It will even hold the screen of the tablet in portrait or landscape mode.

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