New USB key doubles as MP3 player

New USB key doubles as MP3 player

The company Brando has just released a USB key that has space for an SD or MMC card. Not only that, but it comes with headphones, and can be used to play back the music found on the SD/MMC card. There is a AAA battery that fits snuggly at the back, while the memory card is inserted in the front of the translucent unit.

The USB key at the front is USB 2.0 compliant, and the MP3 player last for 10 hours on one AAA battery. At this time the only audio format that is playable on the unit is MP3, although the unit can be used with both Windows and Macintosh. You can buy one for $15 over at Brando's Website.

The Brando USB MP3 Player + SD/MMC Card Reader Review [Via: Gear Diary]

SanDisk SD Memory Card for Nintendo Wii

SanDisk SD Memory Card for Nintendo Wii

SanDisk, one of the major flash storage makers has joined the gaming console accessories wave by releasing SD memory for Nintondo Wii. The white SD card is available in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB capacity and priced from $34.99 to $89.99. The card will match nicely with your console color, however Nintendo Wii is compatible with other SD cards in the market, but hey, who does not want matching color accessories.

SanDisk compliments the Wii with matching SD card [via gadgetell]

Altec Lansing inMotion iM510 speaker dock for SanDisk Sansa – Launch Date and Price

If you just read Rue’s review of the SanDisk Sansa e280, you’re probably wondering if there are or will be any accessories available for it. You can rest assure that Altec Lansing has partnered with SanDisk to create a lineup of accessories made for Sansa music players. The inMotion iM510 is a black docking speaker system that is every bit as sexy as the company’s Made for iPod lineup. It’s sexy, slim, dock, sync and charge the Sansa product line for less $119.95, available the week of October 9, 2006.

I had an opportunity to spend a brief moment with the inMotion at the Holiday Spectacular event in NYC. All I can say is if you’re the owner of a Sansa, the inMotion will make a perfect mate for it. More pictures after the jump.

SanDisk Sansa e280 Music Player Unbox

Would you like an iPod? Or, an iPod? These days, it feels like alternative choices for comparable MP3 players are slim. However, that’s changing as the father company of memory cards, SanDisk, has reved up its Sansa e200 series of music players to become some real competition for those holy iPod Nanos this holiday season. Released earlier this month is their Sansa e280 which they claimed to be the world’s first 8GB flash memory MP3 player when they announced it in August right before Apple announced their Nano in September. The e280 can actually hold up to 10GB because of its microSD expansion slot, thus making it the largest capacity flash-based MP3 player currently on the market.

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium and Cruzer Micro Review

The storage capacity of USB flash drives gets bigger every day and with the huge number of models available the market is spoilt for choice; however, not all are equipped with same features and speed. In today’s review, I’m going to benchmark the Sandisk Cruzer Titanium (2GB) and Sandisk Cruzer Micro (4GB) against the OCZ Rally (2GB) and JumpDrive Lightning (2GB).

SanDisk Introduces Sansa c200 MP3 Player With Color Screen

SanDisk Introduces Sansa c200 MP3 Player With Color Screen

This is no joke; SanDisk is really releasing a replacement for the c100 line of flash-based players for under $100. The c240 comes with 1GB of storage and retails for $80 and the c250 has 2GB priced right at $100. Both models support file formats such as MP3, WMA, and WMA DRM. There’s also and integrated FM tuner, microSD memory card for a maximum of 2GB of extra storage, voice recorder, a 1.4-inch LCD display with 128x98 pixels and a battery life of 15 hours.

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