Samsung sued in the Netherlands over lack of Android updates

Samsung is notorious for being one of if not the slowest OEM to push out Android updates, if at all, and some have taken it as a fact of life. The Netherlands' biggest consumer protection agency, however, says it shouldn't have to be and wants the country's courts to enforce that. The Dutch Consumentenbond just filed a lawsuit against the Korean OEM over its poor software update policy which it labels as unfair trade practice that leaves consumers vulnerable to security exploits and hacking attempts.

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Apple blocks (some) Samsung phone sales in court case

In a court case that seems to have been going on since the dawn of time, Apple and Samsung remain at legal war with one another. As a result of that case - the same one we've been talking about for several years - Apple has won an injunction to block the sales of several Samsung phones. Lucky for Samsung, the lot of these phones are... essentially out of rotation. There's almost no possible way you'd be buying these phones in a store today anyway, and if you were, it probably wouldn't be direct from Samsung.

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Google, Facebook back Samsung on Supreme Court patent appeal

Samsung has just gotten some mighty allies in its proxy legal tussle with Apple. Before 2015 ended, the Korean manufacturer went to the US Supreme Court asking for a review not of its patent case with Apple, which it already lost, but of the design patent system in general. Now several organizations, from tech giants to non-profit advocacies to legal interest groups, have filed amicus briefs in support of Samsung's case to have the federal government's interpretation of design patent laws revised for the current century.

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The best phone camera when it really mattered most

When it came time for my son to be born this past week, I had a very important decision to make. Amongst the devices I had on hand - of which there were many - I had to decide which was going to be best to capture photos of my son's birth to share with family members that would not be able to witness it. Before you go any further - don't worry, I'm not going to share any super personal photos in this article, only a few shots captured in the off-moments between doctor's checks and screeching newborn.


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New Galaxy Note 5’s won’t let your stylus get stuck

If you've ever had a device with a stylus, you've likely tried to put it in backwards at least once. Thankfully, every device I've owned like that wouldn't allow me to do much more than fumble for a few seconds, until I realized my error. Unfortunately for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners, that's not the case, and it can lead to big trouble.

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Samsung’s upcoming fitness tracker looks more like a smartwatch

By now, Samsung already has half a dozen wearables under its belt. That means there's an opportunity to make half a dozen more! We don’t know how many Samsung has planned for this year, but a certain fitness tracker has been leaked to be Samsung's next big thing in wearables. Nicknamed "Triathlon", the wearable strangely looks more like the Gear S2, a full smartwatch, rather than any traditional tracker, which is probably going to be a source of marketing and purchasing confusion for many.

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Could the Galaxy S7 get a stylus?

If you're looking for an Android device with a stylus, you're probably going to end up with a Galaxy Note, from Samsung. Currently, these devices are the only offering from Samsung which offer the small pen-like tool. However, thanks to a recent patent that's surfaced, it looks like we may be seeing smaller devices shipping with an S Pen.

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Samsung KNOX gets fit for government use in China, France

Along with the enterprise, mobile device and platform makers have always set their eyes on government certification and accreditation. For one, the public sector usually purchases devices in bulk or at least in groups, making them somewhat a lucrative customer. For another, an official thumbs up from governments boosts confidence in the brand. Samsung KNOX, the Korean OEM's official mobile security platform, received just that not from one but two countries, in France and China. Naturally, Samsung is only too happy to boast about how secure KNOX and, by extension, its devices really are.

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Samsung ATIV Book 9 Pro Review

The Samsung ATIV Book 9 Pro does not have a sexy name, nor has it been the subject of extensive ad backing by the company that makes it. This computer isn't the epitome of mind-blowing uniqueness in its form or its function. There are a few problems with this notebook, but none of them have to do with the hardware. In fact, aside from the fact that this machine runs Windows 10, there's very little that I'd change in this device in order to call it the best notebook on the market today.

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