Apple News tipped in plan to add paywall content

Apple is looking to appease publishers with subscription content by adding a paywall option to Apple News, according to a new report. Under this change, Apple News users would have the option of subscribing to paid content, expanding their options while making Apple’s service more attractive to companies. Under the current arrangement, paid content excerpts can be shown on Apple News.

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Galaxy S7 preview video shows what is rumored so far

A new video has turned up on YouTube that claims to show details and features of the coming Galaxy S7 smartphone form Samsung. We are taking this video with a big grain of salt since nothing is official just yet and isn’t expected to be until MWC kicks off next month. The video appears to round up all the rumors so far and offers them along with what appear to be renderings of the smartphone based on rumor.

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LG G5 prototype revealed with dual cameras design

The smartphone in these images looks very strange indeed. It's crammed inside a funky black case to hide its true identity. According to the source of the images, inside that ugly black case is a prototype LG G5 smartphone. All you can really tell about the device is that it has "Not for Sale" written in the top corner.

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Huawei’s rumored dual OS laptop may never see the light of day

Perhaps spurred by its recent good fortune in the smartphone market, Huawei is being rumored to be interested in entering the PC space, particularly laptops. But it won't settle for any old school laptop, of course. Those rumors make mention of a hybrid laptop, a.k.a 2-in-1 tablets, as well as of dual booting Windows 10 and Android. The idea is definitely nothing new and we've heard the story, even the promise, a long, long time ago. And chances are, just like those old stories, Huawei's tale might meet the same tragic end.

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HTC rumored to have not one but two Nexus for 2016

While HTC still makes headlines in the smartphone market, and lately gaming too, these days, most of them haven't really been positive. It almost seems as if the Taiwanese manufacturer's glory days are over but, of course, that won't stop it from trying to get that back. Perhaps inspired by the success, or at least popularity, of China's Huawei and its Nexus 6P, HTC is rumored to be getting back into the Nexus game. More than that, it might actually be jumping in head first with two, yes two, Nexus smartphones later this year.

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Will better speakers redeem iPhone 7’s missing headphone jack?

Depending on who you speak to, the idea of an iPhone 7 without a headphone jack is either a travesty or the logical next step for Apple. Cupertino lips are still sealed as to whether the upcoming iOS flagship will indeed do away with the familiar 3.5mm socket - and throw a huge accessory market into disarray in the process - but a newly-spotted patent could detail some of the payoff.

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