Angry Birds RIO Beach Volley Release Date Today!

Angry Birds RIO's first official update is being rolled out today to Android and iPhone (and iPad, iPod Touch, whatever other iOS device you've got to play it on) in the form of an awesome beach party! The RIO story continues as the Angry Birds gang (with Blu and Jewel from the RIO movie in tow) have defeated their foe Nigel for the first time at the end of the second act of Angry Birds RIO: Jungle Escape. The chase continues to the water in Beach Volley, a set of levels where those little monkey bad guys (aka Common Marmosets, if you want to know the species,) are again plaguing you with towers galore. Pop them as fast as you can!

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Angry Birds Rio Gets First Update Next Week

Have you played Angry Birds Rio? According the the Angry Birds Facebook page, the first update to the game is on its way next week. The update is called "Jungle Escape", and can be seen ready to be unlocked in the screenshot after the cut. It promises more "marmoset-mauling action" and "juicy secrets to discover."

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Angry Birds: Easter

Angry Birds is a re-imagining of a game-type that's been around since time immemorial. I don't think humans will ever get bored with games involving throwing things at other things using basic animations and ballistics simulations. This game has been a smash hit across the board and Rovio dropped the latest seasonal release, just in time for easter. The Piggies are stealing chocolate eggs and it's up to the explosive avians and you to bust up their homes. Stand back big bad wolf, the birds are on the job!

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Angry Birds To Get Game Syncing Across All Platforms

Angry Birds parent company Rovio announced via Twitter today that they are in the works to make the hugely popular game sync-able across all platforms. This is awesome news for all you Angry Birds addicts out there because this means you no longer have to start the game from scratch if you switch devices.

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Nokia “tweener” tablet tipped in mobile gaming push [Video]

Nokia's tablet ambitions may see the company slotting a so-called "tweener" device in-between smartphone and the currently available slates, according to Nokia EVP Tero Ojanperä. Speaking at SXSW this week with Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka, the Nokia exec suggested that the existing crop of tablets wouldn't be the last word in innovation, and predicted something somewhat larger than a smartphone could find a niche.

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Rovio’s Mighty Eagle to Appear in Death Rally GDC 2011 iOS Destruction Derby Game

I suppose you could call this game more of a race and kill game, along the lines of Twisted Metal, if you know what I mean - does it sound like the kind of game you'd be seeing birds flying around in? Heck no! That's why we found it utterly baffling when @Rovio spoke of "Mighty Eagle" aka the pay-for-help element in the original Angry Birds game appearing here in this new game for iOS, a remake of the 1996 original, Death Rally GDC 2011. Thusly your humble narrator inquired on what the heck was going on, to which we received word that Angry Birds wouldn't be appearing in the game, but that Mighty Eagle would, aiding players in their tasks at hand. Oh eagle! Why weren't you around when I was trying to beat Final Fantasy 7!? Not even born yet.

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