Rock Band

Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 announced for PS2 and Wii

One of the things that makes Rock Band so great is the steady stream of fresh DLC. That's true of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, however, those rocking out on the PS2 and Wii are left out in the cold, due to their inability to download new tracks. Thankfully Harmonix has a solution.

Rock Band DLC – Scene Pack

Mondays suck, there's no denying it. The only time that they're really that great is when there's a three-day weekend. At least Monday means you've only got one day to wait until you get new tracks for Rock Band. Hit the jump to see what they've got in store for you tomorrow.

Aerosmith signs exclusive deal with Activision

I have some very sad news for Aerosmith fans. If you enjoy rocking out to some classic Aerosmith in Rock Band, you'd better get used to Train Kept a Rollin', because that's all you're going to get.

SlashGear Week in Review

It's been a week of ultraportables, frankly, with enough budget laptops vying for the Eee's crown to make the whole market more than a little confusing.  Medion announced their Akoya E1210 while 3K unveiled their own alternative; meanwhile, MSI finally released some decent photos of the Wind.  Thankfully there's now a comprehensive list of all the options available, meaning attention has turned from cataloguing to pondering whether Palm will join the fray with a re-worked version of the Foleo companion.  Stranger things (like the first Foleo, you could say) have happened.

SlashGear Exclusive – First Video of Zero for Rock Band

I just got word yesterday that in this week's DLC for Rock Band we'll be seeing Zero from the Smashing Pumpkins. I've been waiting around to hear this news for a very long time. Sure, I'm a huge Pumpkins fan, but that's not why. I've known about this particular song being being included in the game since I visited Harmonix last November. As a special weekend treat, I give you the first ever gameplay video of Zero for Rock Band after the jump.

The Gaming Guitar Stand – for when you’re not rocking out

Anyone who has gotten addicted from the very first Guitar Hero game has likely gone on to buy the 2nd the 3rd and then if you had the cash, Rock Band too. Many of us have found our own solutions to storing the massive amount of controllers that come with all of the games. For some that means just leaning them against the wall or having one or two strewn about the floor yet some of us are making a bit of an attempt to appear like full grown adults and try to hide store them in a slightly more attractive way.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – Judas Priest is Screaming For Vengeance

Rock Band has been out for a while now, and Harmonix has been true to their word about providing fresh DLC on a weekly basis. This has given us fresh new music to rock to, and thus keeps the gameplay fresh and fun. What we haven't seen is a full album released. Again, Harmonix is good on their word, and will be releasing their first full album tomorrow.

Rock Band to join Mötley Crüe on tour!

Yesterday we announced that Mötley Crüe was releasing a brand-new single as a downloadable track for Rock Band. That was awesome to hear, however, Harmonix has announced that they are going one step further by joining the band on tour.

New single from Mötley Crüe available on Rock Band today

Since Rock Band was announced last year, we've known that there would be much competition between it and the Guitar Hero franchise. I try to stay as neutral as possible, as each as their own strengths. We haven't seen the competition heat up much lately, though I'm sure it will once either Guitar Hero Aerosmith or GH IV hits the market. However, we just told you last week that Def Leppard was releasing a new single through Guitar Hero, and now we hear that Mötley Crüe will be doing the same in Rock Band today.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – Get ready for some classic rock

Despite only being in my 20's I love classic rock. Sure, there is plenty of newer rock, but give me some 70's rock and I'm a happy guy. Naturally, I'm happy to hear that Harmonix is releasing what they are calling the Classic Rock Pack 01 for Rock Band this week. Hit the jump for the track listing.

Harmonix dev speaks out about Rock Band Wii DLC issue

Are you a Wii owner that's just itching to get your hands on Rock Band for your beloved console? I can't blame you, as the game is fun as hell. However, it won't be quite the same experience that is found on the 360 or PS3 due to the lack of downloadable content. When asked about this decision, Rob Kay, design director at Harmonix pointed the finger squarely at Nintendo.

Awesome mushroom drum pads

I have been considering customizing my drum kit for Rock Band for a while now, however, I haven't figured out exactly what I should do. The easiest thing to change would be the drum pads, and I think I have finally been inspired by this awesome mod.

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