Rock Band

Rock Band goes to Japan

It seems that Rock Band has done moderately well (see: awesome) here in the US, so it's only natural that they're going to want to release the game in other parts of the world. We've known for some time that they were going to have a European release (even if it did take a really long time to get there), but this is the first we've heard about it turning Japanese.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and you're in luck. You aren't just going to have one track pack available to download, but Harmonix is feeling particularly saucy and tossing up tracks from both Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed for your rocking pleasure. Hit the jump for the track listing.

DIY – Rock Band Drum Kit Accessibility Mod

Rock Band has easily become one of my favorite games, which I tend to play a lot. I'll switch out between rocking the guitar, drums and vocals, however, I feel bad that those without full use of their legs can't use the drums. Thankfully someone has created an awesome mod that will allow anyone to play the drums, so long as they have full use of their hands and arms.

UK retailers cut gamers a break on Rock Band

We all know that when it comes to video games, our friends in the UK almost always get shafted. Whether it's from a delayed release or a jacked-up price (usually both), it seems that they just can't catch a break. Well they've waited long enough to get their hands on Rock Band, and now a few retailers are throwing them a bone by cutting the price right off the bat.

Video Game actually saves marriage

Many have heard the horror stories of video games ruining marriages and several gamers have had at least slight conflicts over their gaming habits. Well now there is an actual success story about a video game saving a marriage instead of destroying it.

Motley Crue Single sells 47,000 copies via Rock Band

Remember back when I told you that Motley Crue was releasing their latest single in Rock Band? Well, I've been wondering just how well it has sold, especially in comparison to iTunes sales. To say it sold well would be an understatement.

Double Range Guitar is a must-have for PS3 rockers

Back when Rock Band made its debut for the PS3, there was a huge stir about the controllers from the Guitar Hero franchise not playing nice with the game. While Harmonix tried to smooth things over by releasing a patch which would allow GH controllers to work, it never saw the light of day because of a dispute with Activision. With no resolution in sight, Ant Commandos has released their own guitar that will play on all versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band for both the PS2 and the PS3.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – The Cars

It's only Wednesday, so we normally wouldn't expect to hear about next week's DLC for Rock Band for a few more days. However, it seems that Harmonix is so excited about it that they just can't wait. I can understand, as this marks the second full album download that will be available for the game. If you're a fan of The Cars, then you'll want to download their self-titled debut album next week. Hit the jump for the track listing.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – Not-so-exclusive European tracks

I'm sure that some of you saw the European Rock Band tracks announced a while back and wished that you'd be able to play them here in the US. Well Harmonix hasn't let us down, as they've announced the release of all previously exclusive tracks for US players. Hit the jump for the full list.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – Blondie, The Clash and Sonic Youth

Today is Tuesday, which means that you somehow made it through Monday. Once you've done that, you know you can make it through the rest of the week, because we all know that Monday is the worst day. Since you survived yesterday, you'll be rewarded with three new tracks for Rock Band. Hit the jump for this week's DLC list.

Buy South Park Season 11, get three exclusive Rock Band tracks free

They say that the best things in life are free, and that's usually true. Even if you don't agree with that statement, you have to admit that getting free stuff is awesome. If you're looking for some free Rock Band tracks, and happen to be a big fan of South Park, you're in for a treat.

Rock Band to offer half price “Value Tracks”

I always talk about the abundance of DLC for Rock Band as one of the game's best features. Unfortunately, with so much music to choose from, it's also something of a downside. Okay, so they're not exactly twisting your arm to buy it, but you can easily spend a lot of money picking up extra tracks. However, thanks to a partnership with McDonald's, you'll be able to pick up some tracks on the cheap.

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