Rock Band

Activision confirms compatibility with Rock Band instruments in Guitar Hero: World Tour

I have to admit that I've been pretty unhappy with Activision over the whole guitar incompatibility issue. Sure, I rock out on my 360 so I haven't had any issues, however, one of my best friends is more of a PS3 guy. He's only dropped the cash for a single Guitar Hero controller, however, his Rock Band Strat sits there begging to be used. Well it seems that this won't be such an issue for the next GH title.

Rock Band 2 Set List revealed, RB1 tracks to be available for export

There are likely plenty of people out there asking why they should bother picking up Rock Band 2 since they already own the first one. Yes, there are some awesome new modes that should get you excited, including customizable set lists for nonstop rocking in Quickplay. Yes, the instruments will be getting tweaked, but two things should really pursuade you to dish out the extra cash. First is the full set list for the game (check it out after the jump) and second is the full set list from the first game. That's right, not only will you be able to play all of your DLC, but most of your on-disc tracks will be available.

Two new Rock Band drum kits revealed

So we already know that the new Rock Band drums will have a few improvements. The main thing of note is that not only will the drum pads be quieter, but they will be velocity-sensitve. However, we finally know just how awesome the two new drum kits will be. Yes, I said two.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – The Who

The week of E3 is always big (even if the show is getting smaller and smaller with each passing year), so this week's DLC should be equally as large. We've been expecting a full album from The Who, however, due to some missing masters, we'll just have to settle for an awesome compilation of Who tracks.

Konami files suit against Harmonix over Rock Band

Rock Band easily consumes more of my time than any other game I currently play. Its unique gameplay and ever-growing list of songs make for a great time alone or with friends. However, Konami doesn't think that the gameplay is all that unique, as they have recently filed suit against Harmonix citing patents issued in 2002 and 2003.

More Rock Band details emerge, 10 tracks confirmed

As expected, new details are coming to light about Rock Band 2, thanks to a recent pre-E3 event. A few more of our pressing questions are answered, and 10 tracks are officially announced. Hit the jump for the track listing and other details.

Rock Band 2 drum kit to be wireless

With the announcement of Rock Band 2 we found out that the instruments would be getting a bit of a update. However, since the original peripherals will be compatible with the new game, we know that there won't be any huge changes to the drums (like an extra pad and such). What we do know is that the 360 is getting wireless controllers.

Two different rumored Rock Band 2 setlists appear

Every year around this time, we are bombarded with rumors. Does the summer heat give everyone an excuse to stay inside and pass rumors? Maybe, but it also nearly E3 time, which is when the rumor mill is in full swing. The latest we have is not one, but two different “leaked” Rock Band setlists. These come from “trusted sources”, which must mean that they are both completely accurate, despite being different. Read on for both versions.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – Double shot of Chili Peppers and Rush

This week's DLC update brings us a curious mix of Rush and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Rather than the usual trio of songs that we're used to seeing, we get two songs from each band. But that's not the only strange thing about this week's content. Hit the jump to see what I mean.

80 tracks to be included with Rock Band 2, no user-created content

With any new game that's announced, there are always a ton of questions left unanswered. Over time details slowly trickle down the line, and Rock Band 2 is no different. One question we now no the answer to is regarding the number of songs included on the disc.  The magic number, it has been revealed, is 80, which is 22 more than the original game contained.

G4 leaks potential Rock Band 2 tracks

So how long after the announcement of Rock Band 2 did you think it would take for someone to leak a partial set list? Turns out we needed only a few days. The good folks over at G4 were kind enough to show a brief screen of the upcoming title with 11 tracks listed.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – Crüefest

A little while back it was announced that Rock Band was going to be rocking Crüefest, which kicks off today. So it only makes sense for Harmonix to release a few Crüefest-themed tracks, right? Hit the jump to see what will be available for download today.

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