Rock Band

Rock Band coming to a bar near you

In my area, there is a Mexican restaurant on every corner and almost all of them have karaoke. You can’t go inside to eat on a weekend without someone singing very loudly and off tune to one song or another. I would never sing in front of a bunch of people, but I would play some Rock Band.

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Microsoft unveils Xbox 360 wireless microphone

Microsoft revealed a brand new wireless microphone today meant for use with the Xbox 360. Designed to be used with music games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Lips, this mic sports specific features that make gameplay just a tad easier.

You won't need any wires or adapters, since this mic takes full advantage of the wireless console and it even has motion sensors built in for add functionality. Additionally, there's lights on the base.

Available in black, this Xbox 360 wireless microphone will be available for purchase sometime in the fall. At that time, you can expect a price tag around $50.

Rock Band Country Track Pack announced

Harmonix announced today that they will be releasing a new song update for their famous Rock Band game. The new addition is called the Rock Band Country Track Pack and it features 21 brand new songs to rock out to.

The new "Track Pack" will be available for all the major systems including PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Wii. It features the hits from numerous country artists including Shania Twain and more.

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LEGO Rock Band gets official

If you love LEGO and you love Rock Band, then prepare to whoop in unadorned rapture at the news that LEGO Rock Band has been officially announced.  Available for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DS, LEGO Rock Band will allow gamers to build their own minifig avatars, band and entourage, and play tracks including Blur's Song 2, Europe's The Final Countdown and Carl Douglas' Kung Fu Fighting.


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