Rhapsody for iPhone appears in App Store

It's obviously a week for mobile music, as Rhapsody has become the latest media streaming app to land on the iPhone [iTunes link].  Promising to do for US Apple customers what Spotify on iPhone has done in Europe, the new application offers its 8 million tracks over WiFi or mobile; however, unlike Spotify it's unable to play music when offline, using cached versions of songs.

Like the European service, Rhapsody on iPhone demands a monthly subscription - in this case, Rhapsody To Go, which costs $15 per month.  There's a week's free trial included when you download the app initially, which is something Spotify foolishly didn't include, and tracks are streamed in 64kbps quality.

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Rhapsody iPhone app submitted to Apple for approval [Video]

RealNetworks have submitted a Rhapsody iPhone app to the Apple App Store for approval; if it passes Apple's notorious software guardians, it will allow on-demand streaming of Rhapsody's 8m+ tracks over WiFi and 3G connections.  In addition, the Rhapsody To Go iPhone app - which will also run on the iPod touch - gives access to the users' own library and existing playlists.

Access to the app will require subscribing to Rhapsody To Go, currently priced at $14.99 per month, while the app itself will be free.  There'll also be a free trial for new subscribers, though no word on how long it will last.

Video demo after the cut

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