Original Apple-1 expected to sell for up to $242k

An original Apple-1 computer will go up for auction at Christie's on November 23, apparently hand-made by Steve Wozniak and "despatched from the garage of Steve Jobs' parents' house – the return address on the original packaging present here." The Apple-1 was the machine that Jobs and Wozniak first began with in 1976, and estimates suggest only 200 were produced; Christie's expect this No.84 example to sell for somewhere in the region of $161,000 to $242,000.

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Honk Toot! Horn Stand Amplifies your iPhone 4 with No Electronics

This product is simply called "Horn Stand" and connects to your iPhone 4, either standing it up vertically or horizontally, amplifying the sound of the iPhone using a most excellent vintage technique. In the same way a gramophone, aka phonograph, aka old fashioned record player works via vibrating your sound through a cylinder, so too does this Horn Stand amp your music through silicon.

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Palm Tungsten C gets Android 2.1 install

Putting Android where it isn't expected has become something of a hobby for the open-source tinkerers, and we're quite impressed to see Google's OS slapped neatly onto the ageing hardware of a Palm Tungsten C.  The PDA was launched back in 2003 and has a mere 400MHz processor together with WiFi b; Dmitry Grinberg thought that was a suitable challenge, and has managed to get Android 2.1 running.

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5 Gadgets That Changed My World, Part 1

In the spirit of fellow SlashGear columnist Michael Gartenberg, who recently published his own list of "5 Gadgets That Changed The World For Me," I decided to tackle my own version of this list. While Michael's list tended towards gadgets that made a huge impact the gadget world as a whole, these are five gadgets that were not so universally important, but had a significant impact on the way I was shaped as a person, and not just as a gadget fiend.

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Five gadgets that changed the world for me

From time to time I like to think about the idea of disconnecting from the digital world for an extended period and what I'd miss as a result. In the end, I came up with five gadgets that changed the world for me, products the descendents of which I'd rather not be without on a regular basis. What's interesting is that for me, the PC didn't make the list. Perhaps it’s an uber-gadget that just goes without saying or it's just not that important to me personally anymore.

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Projected Pong puts your flat into the gameplay [Video]

"Show me a person who does not love Pong," Descartes once said, "and I will show you a person with no soul."  Heady words indeed (and then he got back to rejecting religious dogma), and a sentiment obviously shared by the students at the National Institute of Design in India.  They've put together a VR glove that controls a huge projected Pong wall, with the ball bouncing around various physical elements of the room as if they were part of the game.

Video demo after the cut

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Palm Foleo hits eBay [Update: Sold for $750!]

Palm's Foleo was - depending on who you ask - either the ideal companion device, cruelly axed before it had a chance to shine, or a pointless distraction for the company's engineers and implicit in their downward spiral.  Either way, if you've always wanted to own one yourself, now you have the chance.  Ixle picked up a Foleo a month or so ago and has been blogging about it ever since; now he's putting the Palm pseudo-netbook back up on eBay.

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