Flix on Stix Skips the DVDs, Puts Movies on Your USB Flash Drive

While going into a store and finding a DVD or Blu-ray to rent may not be what's popular anymore, other services like Netflix and Hulu are seeing quite the attraction, thanks to the fact that you don't actually have to go anywhere other than your computer, TV, or maybe as far as your mailbox to watch a movie. Then, there's services like Redbox that allow you to rent a movie for cheap, on a daily rate, and then return it back to the kiosk when your'e finished with it. But, Flix on Stix wants to take that idea, and make it a bit more useful for those who may not want an actual DVD to take home, or have to worry about returning it.

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Happy with Netflix/Redbox 28-Day Delays? Warner Bros is too, and Wants More!

Early 2010, Warner Brothers studios pressured Redbox and Netflix into delaying rental releases by 28 days in hopes of people deciding they needed the movies as fast as they could get them, getting them then to purchase the movies from the store rather than renting. Apparently they succeeded, or at least they say they succeeded siting a 15% increase in packaged media sales since the 28 day decree. Now WB may be increasing the delay to see if sales increase even more.

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The Daily Slash: October 13th 2010

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of The Daily Slash. Today wasn't as hectic as the earlier parts of the week, but we did find out that Apple's got an event planned a week from now. The speculation is already rampant, but we do know it has something to do with the Mac. In our story from around the Web, Sony's got a new PS3 surround sound bar heading to the market next week. And then, to end the night, we'll wrap up what's been happening in the R3 Media Network.

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Redbox Expands Video Game Rentals to More Kiosks

Redbox has decided to move forward with video game rentals from their kiosks, based on results from their initial testing phase back in August, 2009. That roll-out was a small one, popping up in a few Redbox locations across the Reno, Nevada area. While there hasn't been any official statement made yet, nor have the results of that testing been revealed, it seems the company is ready to expand the service across the United States.

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Redbox now renting Blu-ray in many areas

Years ago, there were movie rental places all over my town. Then Blockbuster came in and put everyone out of business but one store. Over the last year, every one of the Blockbuster locations in my town has gone out of business leaving one rental store for a town of around 100,000 people.

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Redbox Thinks They’re Ready for Video Games

We're sure you've fallen victim to it, at least a couple times. On your way out of the supermarket or Walmart, you see a giant red box, and it beckons you, like the bull to the red cape. And you realize too late that you suddenly want to watch a movie, almost like you've always wanted to watch a movie, but you just hadn't realized it yet. Well, now it looks like Redbox is hoping you continue to fall victim to their wiles, but this time they want another dollar, so you can go home and play that copy of Tiger Woods you've been dying to play.

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