Hammacher Schlemmer offers RC Bald Eagle to terrorize your neighborhood

Hammacher Schlemmer offers RC Bald Eagle to terrorize your neighborhood

This is one of the coolest RC toys I have seen in a long time. The 9.5-foot wingspan flying machine looks like a Bald Eagle. This is the only Bald Eagle you can crash and play with without being arrested. Obviously with the thing selling at Hammacher Schlemmer you can bet it's crazy expensive.

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MicroFly Tiny R/C UFO makes for super small fun

MicroFly Tiny R/C UFO makes for super small fun

If you're one to indulge in a semi-useless gadget every now and again, you'll be delighted to hear that you can now get your hands on the MicroFly Tiny R/C UFO for a real bargain. Not to mention, it's just plain cool.

This little toy is really small and hovers around for your amusement. With just a 10-minute charge, the gizmo will fly around for between 5-7 minutes. Featuring a single propeller, this little UFO spins around in the air and has a flashing blue LED light.

To control it, all you have to do is slide the control up and down. That's all there is to it. You can use more than one MicroFly on the same remote, however, so you could control your own little UFO army. The only drawback is that they require 6-AA batteries. You can get the MicroFly Tiny R/C UFO now for $19.99.

Duck Hunt fans will love this toy

Duck Hunt fans will love this toy

Here's an interesting one coming out of CES - Duck Hunter, a game that aims to recreate the classic "Duck Hunt" video game you played with a light gun all those years ago, this time in real life.  We have some more info and a few more pics after the jump.

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3D-R1 robot scanned entire silver mine in 3.5 days, on its own

Robots are picking up quickly, just take a look at this little bugger which managed to go into a more or less unexplored silver mine in San Jose and scan the whole thing. It was equipped with a laser scanner and made more than 80 scans a day creating over 100 million data points that formed the map.

NTT RedTacton turns you into a giant card for swiping

Basically what this little card does is transmit its signal through your body, clothing, whatever it has direct contact with. That means you could open doors, use printers, and other such tasks without actually having to pull out your card and swipe it.

Innovation First selling ROBOTC programming kits for VEX robots

I have no idea what these VEX robots are, but ROBOTC is the language that was developed at Carnegie-Mellon. The goal of the language was to make a language that was easy to use to program robots.

Make your own Mech practically

Well, the practicality of it might be a bit exaggerated, but its by far more practical than an 8 story tall mech standing in your back yard as you build it. Basically this guy gave his computer chair working legs.

LG Zenith DTT900 converter

So just about everyone knows that next year they are switching to digital television signals, it’s the reason this whole 700MHz auction is such a big deal. Anyways, when they do, you more or less have 2 choices, buy a new TV or get a box much like this one.

The boxes are set-top boxes that convert the digital signal back to analog. Those of you resistant to change can get a $40 coupon to go towards one such box like these.

Robo Hopper looks like ASIMO with helicopter attachment

No really, it does. In fact, I like the idea, so get to work Honda.

It comes pre-built and sits at 15.9cm tall. Its controlled by a 2.4GHz band controller that kind of resembles an Xbox (the original one) controller, but with just the two joysticks on it.

Helicopters that would make Dr. Evil Proud

Mainly because they have frickin’ lasers. So, laser tag is fun. Flying RC helicopters is fun.

Combining the two with RC helicopters that shoot, and receive, laser beams just like laser tag, well that’s Head-Explodingly fun. The fun is only compounded by the fact that a laser hit makes the copter spin out of control and crash.

Amazingly small Robots from Sandia National Labs

Just imagine a swarm of robots attacking you, each of them on your own, you could stop with two fingers, but a whole swarm, and you’re done. Well they aren’t quite attack robots, but they are small, less than an ounce in weight and under a quarter-inch cubed in volume.

Is it just me, or do those “treads” look like small rubber bands? Anyways, they are really small and only run off three really small watch batteries. And the whole swarming thing, yeah, that’s how they are supposed to work, but its to accomplish various tasks, not to eat you alive.

WowWee Dragonfly takes flight again

If the last video of the WowWee Dragonfly Robot got you salivating, how about another from the makers themselves? Taking off from a meeting table and then fluttering around a selection of their other robots, it's hard to believe that this is going to be a commercially-available toy.

It turns out that credit for the original design must go to a high-school student - and now part of the WowWee team - Sean Frawley, who will in fact sell you the plans for his elastic-band powered Ornithopter kit for a mere twenty bucks.

I can't wait to have a go of this myself!

Robots Rule [via Street Tech]

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