FM Radio fits right in with the bathroom sink

FM Radio fits right in with the bathroom sink

If you're a gadget lover and like to sing while washing your hands, while in the shower or what have you, you'll love this FM Tap radio. Yes, it's a radio that looks like a water faucet and can actually mount on your bathroom counter.

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Pure Evoke Flow puts Internet radio stations in your pocket

Pure Evoke Flow puts Internet radio stations in your pocket

PURE has just announced that they'll be releasing an Internet radio device that makes listening to your favorite stations a breeze. And get this: you don't have to be near a computer to enjoy them.

The Pure Evoke Flow radio will be released in the UK next month. The radio works by connecting wirelessly to a website that was just created specifically for the device called Pure Lounge. Once connected, you can stream a variety of stations. FM stations are also available for streaming on either traditional FM or digital audio broadcasts. This is not available in all areas, however.

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Revo Pico RadioStation DAB, DAB+ and WiFi radio

Revo's Pico RadioStation is still not much use to anyone outside of a DAB service area who wants to listen to digital radio, but the company has included WiFi in this latest model.  That means access to hundreds of internet radio stations, and since there's an FM radio in there as well you can tune in even without a wireless connection available.


Bluetooth Umbrella concept with touchscreen hands-free & radio

If you've ever tried juggling your cellphone while holding an umbrella, you'll know that you're more likely to stab yourself in the eye than successfully take a call.  Still, Mikhail Stawsky's Bluetooth Umbrella concept still looks pretty sweet; as well as doing the usual duties of keeping your head dry, the handle also contains a variety of Bluetooth hands-free gubbins.

The retro Wooden Radio Clock

This little clock is meant to look retro, but honestly the wood design looks like it was made out of plywood with some fake wood paneling tossed on top. However, the seller Gadget4all isn't exactly known for their chic designs.

The Gelule Clock Radio concept design

This cute little concept design is definitely not for those that have slanted floors. It'd end up rolling off the nightstand onto the floor the second it got to ringing. Then again that might help you rush out of bed to go find it, so I suppose it depends on your perspective.

Pure One Mini compact DAB digital radio

In the world of DAB radios, Pure is perhaps the best known manufacturer.  The company has a variety of high-end digital radio models, but is now aiming for the entry-level customer with the Pure One Mini; just 130 x 135 x 60mm, the Mini has a mono speaker, 16 x 2 mono display to show track titles and can be powered either via the mains or by a rechargeable battery pack.

Sony Xplod in-car CD receivers with USB

Sony has pulled the covers off two new Xplod in-car CD receivers, the CDX-GT920U and CDX-GT620U.  Support for CD and radio is a given, but they also have USB ports for playing music stored on memory sticks and Sony's Quick BrowZer technology to speed tracklist navigation.  Both have fold-down, removable face-plates, which in the GT920U's case is motorized.

Creative MuVo T200 PMP storage doubled to 4GB

Creative has taken time out from licking its class-action wounds to stuff a few more gigabytes into their Shuffle-rival, the MuVo T200. The PMP, which previously had only been available with 2GB, will now come in a 4GB version. Unlike Apple's entry-level MP3 player, the T200 has a compact 128 x 32 pixels 65k color display.

Vita Audio R4 luxury iPod-ready CD & DAB radio

There must be something in the air; mere days after Sonoro's luxury CD clock-radio went on sale in the US, Vita Audio have announced their own hand-crafted all-in-one audiophile music system.  The R4 is being described as "a traditional music player for the 21st century", complete with walnut veneer or white piano lacquer finish, and comprises a CD player, DAB radio, iPod dock and USB port.  It also has Vita's unusual remote control "rotodial".

Sonoro luxury CD clock-radio available in US

German manufacturer sonoro audio's products will be available soon in the US. We first saw the company's cubo range of CD/MP3/radio units back at CES 2008, where sonoro revealed they were working on internet radio and iPod dock versions of the media player. The cubo will be available exclusively from priced at a rather large $349.99.

iRiver E100 MP3 Player – thin and sexy

This isn’t your standard MP3 player, its packing stereo speakers, FM radio, a microSD card slot, line-in, and a new D-Click system. On top of all that it has a large 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen.

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