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HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Pro get official with Windows Phone 7

HTC has announced its range of Windows Phone 7 smartphones, with models set to debut in Europe on October 21 and in the US on November 7.  The HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy and HTC HD7 will all launch in the UK as carrier exclusives, while the HTC 7 Surround will be an AT&T exclusive in the US.  Meanwhile a fifth device, the HTC 7 Pro, will arrive in Europe later in 2010 complete with a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard and broad network availability .  More details after the cut.

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Pantech Laser for AT&T Announced Featuring 3.1-Inch AMOLED Display

Today, AT&T officially announced the upcoming availability of their latest Pantech-manufactured landscape sliding device, the Laser. Interestingly enough, while it does feature a full, physical QWERTY keyboard, the Laser is touted as being the thinnest device with that feature available for AT&T. But, if that's not enough to grab you, the other features may be enough.

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BlackBerry PlayBook QWERTY keyboard and charging dock accessories look likely

For a company that's built its reputation on hardware keyboards, RIM's decision not to give the BlackBerry PlayBook anything but an on-screen QWERTY could be seen as an unusual one.  Still, there's plenty of scope for accessories; the press release may be light on details, but we can draw a few conclusions from what RIM has said.  For instance, as well as the microHDMI and microUSB, there are battery charging contacts on the PlayBook tablet.

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T-Mobile G2 goes up for pre-order

T-Mobile USA customers hoping to retire their beloved G1 and pick up the carrier's latest Android smartphone can finally flex their credit cards today, with the news that - as expected - the T-Mobile G2 has gone up for pre-order.  Priced at $199.99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate and assuming a new two-year agreement, of course) and currently only available to existing subscribers, the G2 is expected to drop into customer's hands by October 6th.

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Two INQ Mobile Facebook phones tipped for 2011 debut

The Facebook phone rumors refuse to die, and now Bloomberg has chimed in with its own "three people familiar with the matter."  According to those unnamed sources, Facebook has been working with INQ Mobile on not one but two smartphones, which will see a European release in the first half of 2011 and potentially an AT&T debut in July or August that year.  However, Facebook apparently "hasn't decided" if it will be putting its brand on the handsets.

According to one of the sources, the two new phones will each run Android; one will be a full-touchscreen device, while the other will have a hardware QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen.  INQ confirmed they were looking at shifting to Android in September last year, as well as more unusual form-factors and even flexible displays, though have yet to actually unveil any such devices.

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