TIVO new User Interface in testing, features Picture in Guide at last!

TIVO new User Interface in testing, features Picture in Guide at last!

If I were to list one basic feature I’ve always wanted for my TIVO is an integrate User Interface with Picture in Guide (PIG). Little has changed with its interface over the years, picture is obstructed by grid-style onscreen guide while navigating though user menu to retrieve list of recording show or change settings. Competitors such as DirectTV, Dish Network and Cable service carriers have long offering DVR with PIG. That soon to change; Tivo is cooking up a user interface with a complete new look- Featuring PIG with ability to display picture while peruse user guide.

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Neuros OSD 2.0 High-Definition developer kits shipping

Neuros OSD 2.0 High-Definition developer kits shipping

Neuros has begun shipping their high definition Neuros OSD 2.0 developer kits, an open-source DVR based on Texas Instruments' DaVinci DM 6446 chipset.  Comprising all the basic hardware a developer might need to begin coding for the multiformat set-top box, the OSD 2.0 HD includes two composite and one component inputs, together with composite, component and HDMI outputs, and a total of four USB ports.

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AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR upgrade adds whole-house HD

AT&T has unveiled the latest update to their U-verse IP system, Total Home DVR.  The system will allow the playback of recorded content - in standard and high-definition - not only on a U-verse DVR but up to seven connected TVs.  Playback can follow viewers around the house, pausing on one screen and resuming it on another, or alternatively multiple, independent viewings can be watched on separate TVs.

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Sony PlayTV unboxed: underwhelming compared to initial promise

Sony's PlayTV has almost begun to reach the hands of European gamers, and Stuff.TV is one of the first to have their opinions up.  The dual-tuner add-on to the PS3 has suffered many delays and, more ominously, a couple of significant feature cuts since it was first announced a year ago: both the ability to transfer recordings to PSP, PC or MemoryStick, and the ability to record OTA HD channels.

Iomega 500Gb DVR Expander Review

Anyone with a Digital Video Recorder is probably not a stranger to running out of storage space and being forced to delete old programs. What you may not be aware of is that there are a few products out there claiming to make expanding that storage straightforward: essentially a plug-n-play external hard drive to add capacity to your DVR. The Apricorn DVR Xpander and Western Digital My DVR Expander are two such examples, and here we have a new kid in town, the Iomega DVR Expander.

Sony PlayTV digital tuner for PS3 launching September 10th

Sony's European arm has confirmed that the PlayTV free-to-air digital TV tuner and PVR add-on for the PS3 will launch in the UK on September 10th.  SCEE president David Reeves told Eurogamer that the European launch would run "from September to December" and the PlayTV, in a change to the known specifications, will allow users to record programmes while simultaneously gaming.

TiVo gets YouTube in latest 9.4 update

TiVo recently began rolling out its Summer (9.4) software update to its PVR subscribers and, while the company initially kept quiet about it, they have included YouTube video playback.  Available to Series 3 and TiVo HD users, the functionality will begin to show up as early as July 18th but it will take 2-3 weeks before all boxes have been updated.

Check out the video of YouTube on TiVo after the cut

Dish Network 722s HD PVR adds Slingbox & Slingcatcher

Dish Network have announced their latest set-top box, the 722s High Definition PVR, which features the company's collaboration with Sling Technologies.  The 722s basically includes a Slingbox media streamer and a Slingcatcher, to show internet-based video on your HDTV.  There's also a Yahoo!-branded internet browser and a remote with a touchpad.

PlayTV PS3 DVR gets €99 tag and September release

According to Crave UK, Sony are looking to release their PlayTV digital TV receiver accessory for the PS3 in September this year.  The tuner uses the digital terrestrial service, for instance Freeview in the UK or TDF in France, plugging into one of the console's USB ports and turning it into a PVR.  Crave had some hands-on time with the system recently, and have produced a pre-release run through. 

Sony HDD-toting DVD recorders aim for under your BRAVIA

Sony has announced three new combination DVD recorder and hard-drive PVRs, boasting direct digital copying from compatible camcorders, 1080p upscaling and a choice of analogue or digital TV tuners.  The RDR-HX1080 and RDR-HXD1090 both come with a 500GB hard-drive, enough for 1420 hours of recordings at the lowest quality level (or 73 hours at HQ+ maximum quality).  The HXD1090 and HXD1095 both have a DVB-T digital terrestrial tuner alongside their analogue tuner.

Sony deny rumored PlayTV July launch & pricing

TV addicts looking for PVR functionality on their PS3 will have to wait a while longer for Sony's PlayTV device, is the official statement from the company.  PlayTV, which is a twin-tuner accessory compatible with over-the-air digital TV - such as the Freeview system in the UK - was first announced at the Leipzig games show in Germany last year.  Amazon.co.uk recently put up a pre-order page for the gadget, pricing it at £59.99 ($118.82) for a July 31st launch; however, that has since been taken down.

DVico TVIX Trash can shaped DVR almost as useful as R2-D2

It’s an HD network multimedia play that is also a PVR and HDTV Tuner. It can playback HD (and I assume SD is no problem either) content from its hard drive, USB ports, or from any computer connected to it via the local area network.

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