DISH Hopper gets Control4 integration for smart home

DISH and Control4 have teamed up to integrate the Hopper HD DRV into the Control4 home automation system, spreading control of the digital video recorder across any in-wall touchscreen, remote, tablet, or smartphone used in the home. Building on DISH's API, which the company launched back in July, the integration means that those living in a Control4-enabled smart home will be able to manage setting and playing back their recordings from third-party devices, as well as have EPG information fed into the system and displayed on other screens.

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TiVo Network PVR brings DVR to the cloud: goodbye high-end hardware

This week the folks at TiVo Inc. introduced a transition point for the digital video recording universe, that being the movement of TiVo Roamio DVR technologies to a cloud-based system. With this new TiVo Network PVR, users will be able to extend the digital video recording experience they've known - or perhaps have not yet experienced at all - to low-cost IP clients and consumer provided devices. This includes tablets, smartphones, and more - and it means TiVo Network PVR may be deliverable without high-cost TV boxes of the past.

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Why Does My DVR Suck?

I remember a time – not long ago in the grand scheme of things – when I had to record my favorite television shows with a VCR. I’d pop in a new tape, set what time I wanted the recording to begin, and barring a power outage, it’d record my show without any trouble. It wasn’t exactly a perfect solution for show recording, but it worked. And at that time, I was happy.

Soon, DVRs entered the marketplace and everything changed. My cable company provided me with a DVR, allowing me to record a show at a given time. Best of all, it was recorded on a hard drive, so I didn’t need to worry about using my tapes. The transition was incredible, and it was something that I thought could never get better.

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GeeXboX 3.0 lands with XBMC 11 integration

After nearly a year of waiting, GeeXboX 3.0 has arrived with XMBC 11 integration in tow. The developers announced the latest build today, revealing that it also includes PVR functionality, which means that you can watch and record live TV using GeeXboX 3.0. That feature will definitely be appreciated, as will the fact that the developers of GeeXboX have made this latest version compatible with a number of different ARM systems, in addition to the typical x86 32 and 64-bit systems the program typically supports.

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Sony nasne PVR delayed after hard-drive damage

Sony has confirmed that its nasne networked PVR has been delayed, blaming unexpected damage to internal components and a shortfall in quality inspections at the factory. nasne, which can stream live TV and recorded content from its integrated tuners and 500GB hard-drive to the PS3 and other hardware, was expected to go on sale this Thursday in Japan, but Sony now says there will be a postponement of unspecified length.

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PS3 nasne update boosts console’s media credentials

Sony has announced an incoming media-centric update to the PlayStation 3, bringing the console up to speed for the new nasne networked recorder and NAS. Revealed back in April, nasne will hit Japanese shelves on July 19 along with system software update v1.5, allowing the PS3 to stream live and recorded content from the STB to their console, and introducing smartphone browser support for remote control. However, Sony will also begin collaboration with other companies on open DLNA support.

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