Verizon Nokia Windows Phones plus PureView Lumias “very soon”

Nokia may not be in quite as much trouble as RIM, but the company is still facing difficulties in the current smartphone climate. Richard Kerris, VP of Worldwide Developer Relations, had a sit down with Neowin for an interview that detailed some of Nokia’s plans going forward. There may be some out there who want to use a Nokia Windows Phone in the United States but don’t want to join AT&T or T-Mobile to do so, and Kerris confirmed that Nokia devices would be coming to other carriers including Verizon, saying that “it won't be long.”

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Nokia 808 PureView Review

Excitement, about a Symbian phone? The Nokia 808 PureView has forced many to reconsider their platform loyalties by virtue of its big number boast: 41-megapixels of camera goodness. The surprise stand-out of Mobile World Congress, the 808 PureView is the first public evidence of a five year labor of love inspired by ultra-high-resolution satellite photography. There's compromise galore involved, however, to join the early PureView train, so is it worth it? Read on for the full SlashGear review.

The Nokia 808 PureView has landed

Nokia's 808 PureView has landed, and we're the most excited we've been about a Symbian phone in years. Gradually rolling out in Europe this month, and up for preorder - albeit with a hefty off-contract price tag of $699 - in the US with deliveries next month, the 808 has progressively wowed us since its MWC debut with its game-changing approach to photography. Little surprise, then, that we jumped at the chance to try out one of Nokia's 808 PureView kits.

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Nokia 808 PureView up for sale in US: Ships July 8

Nokia's 808 PureView has finally gone up for preorder in the US, with the unlocked 41-megapixel smartphone expected to begin shipping on July 8. Priced at $699 - with no carrier subsidy - the 808 PureView supports 3G on both AT&T and T-Mobile USA and is sold SIM-free and unlocked. Still, it's likely the 808's photographic abilities that could win it buyers, rather than its performance as a phone.

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Nokia 808 PureView unlocked $699 presales in US this week [Updated]

Nokia has confirmed that the 41-megapixel 808 PureView smartphone will see a release in the US, though without the subsidy that most cellphone buyers are used to. The Symbian-based cameraphone will be made available unlocked and SIM-free, priced at $699 and supporting AT&T's 3G network (or T-Mobile USA's 2G network). Update: Nokia now says the 808 PureView actually supports 3G on T-Mobile USA, not just 2G.

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PureView: The Tech Behind Nokia’s Salvation

Nokia has big plans for PureView, including thinner handsets and Windows Phone support, though there's more than just branding that's getting in the way of slimming the smartphone camera tech. We grabbed some hands-on playtime with the Nokia 808 PureView in Germany this week, at the headquarters of long-time photography partner Carl Zeiss, where we not only discovered just what the camera is capable of, but some of the decisions - technical, product and otherwise - behind the PureView concept. And make no mistake: if any one thing signifies Nokia's potential salvation in the mobile industry, PureView is it.

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Nokia 808 PureView Explored: Hands-on Samples

Nokia gave us no small surprise when it launched the Nokia 808 PureView and its new camera-phone technology. Promising a headline-grabbing 41-megapixel sensor, paired with image processing systems more akin to what you'd find in spy satellites than smartphones, it's the first fruit of a project five years in the making. Until now, though, all the sample images we've seen have been produced by Nokia's own hand, so we understandably jumped at the chance to join the PureView team at the headquarters of lens supplier and imaging specialist Carl Zeiss in Southern Germany to take some shots of our own. Read on for the full sample gallery - together with some comparison shots with the Nokia Lumia 900 - along with the full story as to why PureView is so special.

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Unlocked Nokia 808 PureView may launch in US

Jealous of your European friends who’ll have a chance to play with the Nokia 808 PureView? The 41-megapixel camera looks intriguing, but Nokia crushed some dreams when it announced that the phone wouldn’t be coming to the United States. In an interview with PCMag, Nokia’s US President, Chris Weber, said that while carriers won’t be offering the phone, an unlocked phone launch isn’t off the table.

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Nokia 808 PureView says “Enhance!” in new video

We've all seen it - the police department/spy agency/starship captain needs to see greater detail when viewing a static image, so a leading actor yells "Enhance that!" and relies on Hollywood magic to instantly grant a crystal clear view of the perpetrator. You can check out a brilliant compilation of these movie and TV moments here. But with Nokia's 808 PureView smartphone and its mind-boggling 41-megapixel camera, all those cheesy scenes suddenly seem more plausible, as a Brazilian Nokia blog found out.

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