PURE Music takes on Spotify at half the price

Does the world need another Spotify rival? PURE things it does, hence PURE Music, the company's new streaming media service that promises a 15m+ catalog of tracks that can be accessed from an iPhone or Android app, a PC/Mac browser or their standalone internet radios. Launching in the UK in December - with gradual international rollout after that - PURE Music's big advantage over Spotify is the price: just £4.99 ($7.99) per month for unlimited streaming. However, there are a few compromises you'll have to accept for that bargain pricing.

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Pure Twilight has nothing to do with vampires

If I want to watch a vampire movie I watch something along the lines of Blade. My wife on the other hand is a big Twilight fan and prefers her vampires all glittery and limp wristed. It's hard to get away from Twilight and the latest product bearing the name has nothing to do with vampires. The Pure Twilight is a radio that has a dome on top that glows with all sorts of different colors as a type of light therapy.

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Microsoft Pink Confirmed by SanDisk

Here's a real quick, albeit pretty substantial leak from a company that should probably know better. Courtesy of PhoneScoop, SanDisk has spilled the beans on Microsoft's big upcoming project. If you'll recall, Verizon Wireless was last spotted teasing that something big was coming. And while there were all sorts of rumors swirling around which handsets could be included in that box thrown through a paper sheet. But, the general consensus was Project Pink from Microsoft. And, on top of that Microsoft gave us an invite to an event this coming Monday, April 12th. All the stars are lined up, and now we have a confirmation, that Pink is, indeed, the announcement.

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The Daily Slash: April 7th 2010

It's Wednesday. And interestingly enough, we're probably not the only ones considering today "the day before." The day before what? Well, it's the day before we get to fire up our legendary, homegrown liveblogging system again. We'll be at the iPhone OS 4.0 event, and hopefully you'll join us as we detail what's going down with the latest software update from Cupertino. Until then, we've got tonight's Daily Slash. As we go forth, we'll look into the best of the best in the R3 Media's network. And in the dredge net, we've got the most notorious eReader rumored to make a retail appearance soon, and we have Nintendo telling the world that the iPad isn't for gaming. Then we've got lightsabers that will save your from the dark. And finally, a cellphone that goes way out of its way to be ridiculous.

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AT&T HTC Pure Windows Phone review

AT&T's first Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone, the HTC Pure, has some reasonable heritage; while the casing may look new, the guts of the handset are shared with HTC's Touch Diamond2. Back when we reviewed the Diamond2 in May, we described it as the best Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone on the market, and suggested it was well placed for the promised update to 6.5. Has the Pure managed to deliver on that? Check out the SlashGear review after the cut. Click to Read Windows Mobile 6.5 Review

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PURE i-10 iPod Dock

PURE has announced a dock for the iPod and iPhone, which will support the newest additions to Apple's PMP line.  The i-10 iPod Dock is compatible with any PURE product with an auxiliary input, and will also work with other brands of hifi equipment as long as they have a 3.5mm input.

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Pure Evoke Flow puts Internet radio stations in your pocket

PURE has just announced that they'll be releasing an Internet radio device that makes listening to your favorite stations a breeze. And get this: you don't have to be near a computer to enjoy them.

The Pure Evoke Flow radio will be released in the UK next month. The radio works by connecting wirelessly to a website that was just created specifically for the device called Pure Lounge. Once connected, you can stream a variety of stations. FM stations are also available for streaming on either traditional FM or digital audio broadcasts. This is not available in all areas, however.

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