Sony releases PS3 firmware version 2.0

Sony releases PS3 firmware version 2.0

Sony posted the latest PS3 firmware update; version 2.0. The new firmware includes a new function called “Remote Start” that was build on Remote Play – a feature that gives PS3 owners the ability to stream content from their PS3 to a PSP using the PSP as a remote to the console when a PSP is within the wireless hotspot range.

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Japan getting new PSP

They are also getting a new PSP bundle that bundles some extras along with a 1Seg tuner. The bundle also includes a stand and a 1GB memory stick PRO Duo.

The other bundle just has a 32MB MS Duo and loses the stand as well. That’s the only two ways you can get this new limited edition “Deep Red” PSP.

Sony LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station is no SlingBox killer

Sure, Sony was first to market with a place-shifting television technology, but SlingBox did it better. And still do.

Even with the release of this latest piece of hardware Sony can only best the latest SlingBox Pro in a few areas. But if you already have a LocationFree based network, or you plan on adding some of the nicer bits of hardware from Sony’s line to your home theater, this isn’t a bad choice.

Sony PSP outsells DS for the first time in Japan thanks to Crisis Core

It's no secret that the Nintendo DS has been kicking ass and taking names over in Japan. It naturally comes as a great shock to hear that the PSP outsold it last week in Japan.

DMB-T TV tuner for the PSP gets reviewed

So the PSP can play games, play all sorts of media, be hacked to play emulators, and can do GPS. Now, thanks to those geniuses that Sony seems to be raising from birth, it can also play wireless television signals on its screen.

All it takes is a nifty little adapter that connects to the top of the PSP that has a telescopic antenna for the best reception. The picture quality is reported to be great, most of that was attributed to the handset’s amazing screen.

UK gamers to get only black next-gen PSP, no TV-out cable

Not wishing to suggest that UK gamers are getting screwed, but worrying news is emerging from retailers that the PSP Slim and Lite - Sony's narrower, lighter version of the popular handheld - will launch in the UK without the TV cable and in only the black colour option.  Retail chain GAME told reporters that the cable - which allows you to play PSP games on your big-screen TV - is not included in the official pack as supplied by Sony, and that there is no indication of when it might arrive as an aftermarket accessory.


Color 24-Bit LCD PSP Touch Screen – Make your PSP a little more like a DS

One of the reasons that the DS has been more popular than the PSP is that it has dual screens, one of which is a touchscreen. While there's never going to be a great way to attach a second screen to the PSP, you can at make it a touchscreen.

God of War PSP sells for $1,725

Remember that kick-ass God of War PSP that someone created? It was put up for auction, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. Well, it ended up selling for a whopping $1,725, and you'll never guess who bought it.

Slim PSP Reviewed

Weighing in close to 100 grams lighter than its predecessor the new, slimmer PSP also has other promising features. Of them is the potential for VoIP in a future firmware upgrade.

TAD Gear launches military-grade PSP Pods

Some people take their games everywhere. Personally, I generally have my DS with me most of the time. Though I have found myself playing it less lately, mostly because I've just been too busy, but I still grab it out of habit. Even though it's bouncing around in my cargo pocket all day, I never really get too worried about it getting damaged or hurt very badly. Then again I'm not exactly rock climbing with it in my pocket, either.

Sony PSP gets an extreme God of War makeover

Do you remember that awesome Legend of Zelda Wii mod that we saw a little while back? The guy that made that is back, and this time he's worked his magic on a PSP.

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PSP TV Tuner from Sony – Works in Japan Only!

The Japanese PSP will be able to use their PSP to watch TV with Sony’s new PSP TV tuner. The PSP-S310 uses the cartridge port as connector to the PSP. The new thin PSP (PSP-2000) will be the only PSP model that is compatible with this TV tuner.

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