Sony’s The Tester season 3 will be crazier than ever

Coming face-to-face with a box full of cockroaches, dressing up in camo gear, and trudging through mud-filled obstacle courses. That's what it takes to be a game tester at Sony Computer Entertainment America. Yes, the reality show with the worst prize in all reality shows is back, and Sony is giving a preview of what to expect in season number three.

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Harmonix game in the works for Xbox Live, PSN, and Facebook?

The guys at Harmonix are fairly occupied working on continuous downloadable content for Dance Central, but apparently there is something else in the works for the music game moguls. Brian Chan, who was the senior designer for Rock Band 3, has mentioned on his own public resume that he has begun working on a new Harmonix project, but nothing matching his description has yet been announced by the video game company.

PS Vita lacks game/web multitasking; single PSN limit

Sony's PS Vita handheld with ship with limits on multitasking preventing web browsing while a game is running in the background, as well as on how many PlayStation Network accounts can be used with a single unit, new information ahead of the console's launch has confirmed. The company confirmed to AV Watch that, at least at launch, although gamers will be able to temporarily leap out of their current play and check their friends list, music and Twitter, they won't be able to browse the web.

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PlayStation Network to be offline for a full day of maintenance tomorrow

Sony has just announced via its PlayStation Network blog that the online gaming platform will be undergoing a routine scheduled maintenance tomorrow, November 17. However, this one isn't quite as routine as the system will be offline for almost a full day starting from 8am to 10pm PST. Sony did not detail reasons for the long maintenance period nor what improvements to the platform, if any, can be expected afterwards.

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Sony reveals new PSN hack attempt

Sony has revealed details on a new security issue, with hackers supposedly testing a 93,000-strong list of leaked usernames and passwords to see if they'll grant access to the PlayStation Network and other services. "The overwhelming majority" of the attacks, Sony's Chief Information Security Officer Philip Reitinger confirmed on the company's PlayStation blog, have failed, leading the company to suspect that the inaccurate list has come from a third-party source rather than Sony's own servers. As well as the PSN, the Sony Entertainment Network and Sony Online Entertainment networks were targeted.

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Sony wants gamers to agree to new PSN TOS or be banned

It you are a gamer on the PS3 and you like to play online games you need to be on the lookout when you log in for a pop up that is trying to get you to agree to new PSN terms of service. Apparently, somewhere in the tiny print there is a message that you can opt out of the new terms of service by sending a letter to Sony. However, you apparently still have to agree to them or you will not be allowed to access the PSN for online play.

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Sony Must Announce the PlayStation 4 ASAP

Earlier this week, reports surfaced suggesting Sony would be launching the PlayStation 4 next year. Almost immediately, Sony fans jumped for joy at the news, while Microsoft fans scoffed at the idea. And along the way, Sony hasn’t said for sure what might happen.

Even so, I’m here to tell you (and Sony) that the PlayStation 4 should launch as early as possible next year.

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Sony PSN Pass targets second-hand game buyers

Sony has confirmed it will be using a new system called PSN Pass to authenticate online access to certain new games, a move that is being seen as the company's latest attempt to undermine the second-hand games market. Resistance 3, set to be released in September, will be the first title to use PSN Pass Gamasutra reports, with further implementation being decided on a game-by-game basis.

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Sony knew PSN hack scale earlier than admitted tips government report

Sony has been accused of purposefully delaying its public announcements regarding the extent of the PlayStation Network hack, with official Japanese government documentation suggesting that gaming chief Kaz Hirai gave incorrect information in his May 1 public statement. According to the report, which Kyodo news acquired under a freedom of information request, Sony internally confirmed on April 25 (US time) that a "fairly large amount of data" had been stolen by hackers; however, Sony's press release the following day suggested only that the company could not "rule out the possibility" that personal data had been leaked.

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