PlayStation Now Review

This review is going to be short for one reason, and one reason only: there’s not much to say. PlayStation Now works, and it works great, but until its pricing model is changed to be more like Netflix, I can’t imagine Sony having a massive amount of success with it. Not because it’s not worth the price, mind you.

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LEGO Batman 3 brings Adam West as 60’s classic

This week we’re to understand - straight from the source - that the Batman 3 LEGO game will be rolling out with none other than Adam West. The original king of camp will be lending his voice to "Classic Batman" - though it’s not quite clear yet if Classic Batman is the same character as "1960’s Batman."

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Original ALIEN cast speaks on “Isolation” game experience

At the dawn of SDCC we’re seeing a set of short interviews - that may turn into long interviews - of the original ALIEN cast for the game Alien: Isolation. As we learned earlier this month, there’s a segment of the game in which the original cast returns, voices, likenesses and all. To add an additional dash of legitimacy to this venture, the cast has been brought in to speak of the power of video games.

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Destiny on PS3: unsurprisingly less gorgeous

It's time to play spot the difference again! Destiny started its public beta phase last week and, naturally, current gen console gamers have jumped in on the action, both in real life and in-game. However, last gen owners weren't exactly left out of the fun, but how much are they missing by playing on boxes that are so last decade? Digital Foundry and NeoGAF dig in to find out and apparently, it's not much. That is, if you don't mind lower res, blurrier objects.

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Advanced Warfare making-of video shows top-dollar development

Behind the scenes videos with the folks creating the Call of Duty series are always interesting to behold, even if you’re not a player of the games themselves. This is because Activision, and now SledgeHammer Games, are all about showing as much as they possibly can before a game release. In this case, this means seeing actors being captured in as much detail as possible - body and face included.

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