Samsung to show Blue Phase LCD panel prototype at SID

Samsung to show Blue Phase LCD panel prototype at SID

Samsung will be showing its latest LCD panel with 240Hz image frame rate next week. The prototype Samsung will be demonstrating is a 15-inch panel at the SID (Society for Information Display) 2008 International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, which takes place in Los Angeles from May 18 to 23.

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Sony’s palm-sized fuel-cell

Looks like MTI Micro have some big-name competition in the fuel-cell business.  Sony have unveiled their own hybrid fuel-cell system, and while the concept might be big, the prototype isn't.  In fact, it measures just 5 x 3cm, but is still capable of pumping out up to 3W of power. 

Fuel-cell powered GPS prototype promises 60hrs continuous use

MTI Micro are demonstrating the latest version of their portable fuel-cell technology, in the shape of a GPS reference design prototype.  Powered by the company's Mobion fuel-cell, which relies on easily exchangeable methanol packs, MTI Micro are claiming the system provides up to three times as much energy as in a typical GPS with four AA batteries.  In the case of this particular design, one fuel-cell manages up to 60 hours of continuous use.

Honda demo Walking Assist exoskeleton for elderly & disabled

We've seen exoskeleton suits designed to grant their wearers super-human strength, but they tend to look somewhat obvious.  Fine if you're an attention-seeking superhero, but less of a selling point if you're an elderly person with mobility problems.  Honda have thankfully come to the rescue, though, with their 'Walking Assist Device'; worn as a straightforward belt with thigh straps, the 2.8kg unit promises to lengthen a user's natural stride by supplementing their own muscle power.

Twist & Squeeze interface tested by Microsoft Research

A team at Microsoft Research have developed a prototype interface [pdf link] for mobile devices that responds to twisting, squeezing, flexing and stretching to control and on-screen GUI. The system, called Force Sensing, relies on very small manipulations of a handheld device - in this case a modified Samsung UMPC - with different gestures mapped to navigation and other controls. Visual feedback, such as interfaces twisting or bending, apparently decreases the learning time necessary for users to adapt to the new controls.

Hands-on with Lenovo U8 MID and Aigo MID prototypes

The U8 MID prototype Lenovo have been flaunting lately is, frankly, lovely, and Josh Bancroft was lucky enough to get some serious hands-on time with the device - and the Aigo MID - at Intel's Mobility Software Enabling Lab this week.  Comparing the Lenovo MID to a prototype MID device we've seen in photos before, a Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC, a Fujitsu Lifebook UMPC and Josh's own iPhone, he's promising in-depth video of each new device, but until now this Flickr gallery will have to sate us. 

Mio and ATX partnering to bring you real time info you can use

Mio and ATX partnering to bring you real time info you can use

Mio, long time manufacturer of GPS devices, is partnering with ATX, a major provider of telematics services in both the US and Europe. The types of things this partnership will bring you include lots of location-aware types of data including local weather, weather for your planned destination, in-depth traffic info, and business directories that change as the respective businesses open and close.

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Android HTC prototype device shots

Well, looky here, we have a new Android OS prototype device still coming from HTC. All the previous models we have seen have been white, and looked considerably different, and one of the prototypes was some dark color, but it was a giant touch screen ala the iPhone, so this is a new 3rd prototype, which bodes well for development, but what’s different.

Nokia demonstrate Haptikos haptic touchscreen prototypes

Nokia, I take it back.  When you showed your 2008 concept video last month, I mentioned it was all strikingly iPhone-esque; now, I've seen the light and I realise you're actually leading, not following.  Yes, the phone in the video has a vaguely Apple theme to the UI, but we now know it does what Cupertino can't do: proper, spatially-contextual haptic feedback.


Nokia N82 prototype boasts Xenon flash, HSDPA, GPS and much more

Despite being left out of the Android fun & games, Nokia seem to be doing alright for themselves; over at Symbian-Freak they've been playing with a prototype of the upcoming N82, the latest in the Finnish company's high-end cameraphone range.  It should be enough to cause ructions over in the LG Viewty camp, too, with 5-megapixel Carl Zeiss optics, xenon flash and autofocus.


Palm-sized MTube Linux UMPC prototype fondled on film

Remember the cute little Linux-powered MTube UMPC prototypefrom last week?  Well, if you were having doubts that you could pack a VIA 1.0GHz CPU, 8GB of flash memory and 2.8-inch VGA touchscreen into a super-small casing, together with WiFi and WiMAX, andhave it actually work, then consider your doubts quashed; Bjorn Stronberg over at UltraMobileLife was allowed to finger the MTube for a whole minute, and of course he filmed the whole sordid experience.


Rocket Powered Prosthetic Arm Does Not Mean You Can Fly

A team at Vanderbilt University has been hard at work and has come up with a prosthetic arm whose characteristics are far closer to that of an actual human arm than anything else so far. The weight is pretty close to the same and its capacity for lifting and other tasks is pretty on par too.

I guess the biggest problem with battery powered arms was that in order for the arm to be able to lift anything it required a huge battery causing for a significant increase in weight making the bionic arm feel even more alien. This rocket-fuelled/steam-powered arm solves that problem by creating enough power on the fly to lift stuff and still managing to keep it all in a compact package.

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