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SlugPower remote controlled power socket

SlugPower remote controlled power socket

The picture might not suggest it, but this is actually a very clever power socket.  The work of Phil Endecott, it's actually linked up to a Linksys NSLU2, the network storage device known as the "Slug"; he uses it to switch on and off his seldom-used printer remotely from elsewhere on his network. 

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Furutech Powerflux Power Cord is crazy expensive

Furutech Powerflux Power Cord is crazy expensive

Do you ever sometimes feel less than intelligent? Perhaps you think you have a rudimentary grasp of science and technology but one day when you're faced with something particularly complex, you feel a bit inadequate and question your own intelligence. Yeah, that's where I am now after seeing the Furutech Powerflux Power Cord. It costs $1,800 and while the company provides ample reason for the high price tag, I can't say I understand a bit of it.

For instance, the "conductors are 68-strand α (Alpha) OCC twisted around μ–conductor strands with a special-grade PE insulation or dielectric." Um, okay! They go on to explain that the conductors are OCC wire that have been treated with the the company's Alpha Cryogenic and Demagnetizing process.

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Google and GE partner to push for ‘Smart Grid’ Electricity

Google and GE partner to push for ‘Smart Grid’ Electricity

Google has announced a partnership with General Electric (GE) which will see the two companies cooperate on policy and technology solutions around electricity generation, transmission and distribution.  The deal will see the development of a so-called "smart grid" that can prioritize energy efficiency, use of environmentally-friendly sources such as enhanced geothermal systems and support electric vehicles.

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Protect your Home Theater investment with Panamax power management and filtration systems

No, the Panamx power management and filtration systems will not be able to reduce your excessive PS3’s fan noise or your power bill. But it will improve your overall Home-theater system by removing common ground problems like speaker hum, regulate the power flow by keeping the voltage in range and protect your luxurious audio video devices in the event of a surge.

Lian-Li MAXIMA Force PSUs for gamers & overclockers

Lian-Li have announced a new range of high-performance PSUs under the name MAXIMA Force, promising improved power regulation and safety features.  Each meeting 80 Plus certification, the supplies will be available in 470W, 650W and 750W versions each promising over 80-percent efficiency; Lian-Li have also included an overclocking mode, capable of providing an extra 100W for an hour.

SlashGear Review – NZXT Performance Power 800

I spent several years working as a PC repair technician, and can't even count the number of issues people had that were attributed to their power supply. Most of the time what had happened was that they'd done some major upgrades to their hardware, and left their old puny PSU to power it all. These days if you're running a high-end gaming rig, you need some major power, which is where this new NZXT Performance Power 800 comes in.

Philippe Starck Democratic Ecology personal wind turbine

Philippe Starck may be best known for semi-minimalist furniture, tricky to read watches and a portfolio that could fill your entire home, wardrobe and garden, but the poor guy has recently been taking some time out to sob about how criminally materialistic we all are.  His solution: a personal wind-turbine, called Democratic Ecology

Bocci flush-fitting power outlets

No matter how slick the adaptor you plug into your wall, if the socket it's going into looks ugly then the Good Housekeeping people will never be around to photoshoot your home. Thankfully Bocci are on hand with an alternative to cracked plastic outlets or brass-finished surrounds. Their flush-fitting outlets appear to float in the plastered drywall; of course, the system behind making it look so effortless is never quite so simple.

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Low-cost Wind Turbine for off-grid power

Engineers Without Borders attended the recent Makers Fair, and brought their low-cost wind turbine along to demonstrate. Intended to provide power for LED lighting in off-grid locations, the vertical turbine uses simple plastic or canvas blades and steel tubes, using a cheap DC motor (reversed) to create electricity. The device can managed 10-15 watts , sufficient to charge a 12-volt battery, and the upright design makes it more sturdy in the face of poor weather conditions and strong winds.

Check out the video of the turbine after the cut

Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone in for review at iPhone Buzz

The Mophie Juice Pack on its own weighs in at 3 ounces and measures at 2.4x4.75x.75 inches and latches on to your iPhone. Once connected you get 250 more hours of standby, 24 more hours of audio playback, 8 hours of additional talk time, and 7 hours of Video playback time, according to Mophie.

Energy Saver Bar – a power strip with a giant off switch

The Energy Saver Bar is a lot like that gadget that Belkin came up with, but far less cool. Essentially you plug in all of your home theater equipment, preferably the kind that won’t suffer drastically from having its power completely cut, and then when you are done, you turn ever thing off, and then hit the button on this power strip and watch the energy savings go up.

Splashpower belly up – another great possibility gone

Splashpower, one of the many companies striving to bring us all wireless charging in our gadgets, has sadly had to end its run. It never even really produced an actual product, but they did do a lot of research and development which hopefully someone will pick up the pieces from.

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