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Sony Lithium-Iron batteries boost power, lifespan; promise quicker charges

Sony have unveiled a new rechargeable battery which promises rapid charging, high power and extended lifespans.  The new batteries are based on Olivine-type lithium iron phosphate, which enables a high power density of 1,800W/kg together with a lifespan of 2,000 charge/discharge cycles; after that, Sony claim the batteries will still hold 80-percent of their original capacity.

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Sony demo hybrid fuel-cell concepts

Sony has been demonstrating a number of fuel-cell concepts, ranging from portable power units to rechargers and even home speaker systems that have their own methanol power-source.  Of most interest are the two devices seen here, which may look like retro radios but in fact combine a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a methanol fuel-cell.

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IDAPT i2 and i3 Universal Chargers

Universal chargers usually look like complicated octopus creatures, with multiple proprietary tips dangling off a cluster of cables, or maybe a single box and a bag of easy-to-lose adapters, but IDAPT's solution is bit more sturdy.  Saying that, the i2 and i3 Universal Chargers also require a bit more room, being intended for table-top rather than travel use.  Interchangeable plugs slot into the base plate, letting you centralise your commonly-used gadgets.

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Cooler Master 500W Silent Pro PSU starts car [Video]

High-end PC power supplies get asked to do a lot - you don't think that multi-head graphics card setup runs on pixie dust, do you? - but they're seldom taken into the garage and asked to turn a car engine over.  That's what the Cooler Master guys have done, though, to demonstrate their 500W PSU.  Check out the video after the cut!

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PS Audio ships IP-enabled PowerPlay power conditioners

Remotely access power management system is not a new application in IT fields for server or datacenter services; but it’s for home-theater appliances, especially a niche market product such as power conditioner. Announced exactly one year ago, PS audio finally gets the go-ahead to ship its globally accessible, IP-enabled power conditioner Powerplay today.

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Powergorilla Battery Charger juices up your portables

If you're like me, you're always running out of battery life on your various gadgets during the day. Whether it's your cell phone, MP3 player or laptop, we all could use more battery life at some point. That's why the Powergorilla Battery Charger is nifty to have around.

This unit is portable and resembles a brick of sorts. It can be used to charge up your portable media devices or your laptop, if you wish. Specs for this battery charger include the ability to amp up your laptop for an extra 2-5 hours and other portable devices up to 20 hours.

There are adjustable voltage options as well, letting you specify just how much power you want. And LCD screen always keeps you in the know when it comes to how much power is left and its status. The Powergorilla Battery Charger works with devices charged by means of USB. You can expect to pay $299 for this gizmo. The added battery life is certainly worth it, almost $300 is a lot of money for some people.

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