DVICO TViX HD M-6500A – long name, similarly long format support list

This is a multimedia player, but not the portable kind that you might take with you. Instead it attached to the rest of your home theater via its updates HDMI 1.3a connection and gigabit Ethernet.

Prestigio Data Safe II – it looks pretty, but how does it work?

Its an external hard drive that is covered in leather. That means that no one that is a card carrying member of PETA or any Vegan organizations are going to be carrying one.

Portable Oxygen Bar – for when O2 fiends need their fix on the go

If you depend on Oxygen bars to make it through your day as chipper as ever, then maybe this wouldn’t be a bad investment for you. You get the little oxygen bar gadget and a bunch of other stuff so you can give yourself and/or your friends your daily O2 fix.

Folding Door Guard – means you can fly back home with the dignity of clothing

If you travel a lot, especially internationally, you probably already know that burglars in other countries are either more abundant, or more ingenious, so staying in a hotel, regardless of the number of locks on the door, can be risky business. Well, the Folding Door Guard aims to address this issue in a portable manner.

This little device extends out, grips on the floor at the bottom, and forks itself around the door knob to make sure that door doesn’t move. However, if someone is capable of moving, or worse yet, breaking the tube-steel gadget then hopefully the 120 decibel motion sensor alarm would deter them or at least make them reconsider.

Walkman Radio Wristlet with built in speakers

If you have a thing for portable speakers with a slight vintage flair, you might want to check out this Walkman wristlet. Featuring the design of technology from long ago (that's long ago in technology years) this wristlet will hold what you want it to and play your favorite tunes.

Tube Amp stereo kit – if you build it, your music will sound better

This is a kit from a Korean company known as Gakken. You get all the parts to put together your very own tube amp receiver as well as a pair of speaker to connect to it.

HP 2133 to sell 2 million units?

Apparently HP thinks so, they’ve taken it upon themselves to contract out 2 million units to Wistron. In case you’ve already forgotten, the 2133 is the Eee-like notebook that HP is going to start selling later this year.

ECG handheld made from ARM training/dev unit

Check out this really compact electrocardiogram that someone made from a really tiny LCD, a pair of electrodes, and an ARM training unit. Its an STM32 Primer at the heart of the unit.

Fujitsu 500GB notebook HDD released

Fujitsu has finally done it, they’ve caught up with Hitachi in releasing a 500GB notebook HDD. It has the 2.5” form factor and uses a mere 1.8 watts of power.

The lower power requirements make it greener than Hitachi’s offering. Chances are Fujitsu’s drive will be a bit cheaper than the Hitachi drive when it drops by the end of May this year.

ThinkPad X300 by Lenovo reviewed by the man – Walt Mossberg

Overall Mr. Mossberg seems quite pleased with the X300 and more or less says that even for the steep price it may very well be worth it. Really, he only has a slight indifference with the battery life, but his only major complaint when compairing it to the MacBook Air is that he says the Mac OS is far better than Windows.

ClickFree One-Click Backup

There is, as usual, a catch that is that it only works with Windows for now. However, on the upside, it really is a one-click backup, as in you don’t have to install any software or setup anything, you attach this device and it starts backing up files instantly.

HP UMPC Compaq 2133 could be on the horizon

Alas, one of the other major PC manufacturers is getting into the UMPC space, well not really, it might just be semantics, but I’d call this and ultra-portable, not a UMPC. It’s the Compaq 2133 and its being made to compete with the Asus Eee, although hopefully it won’t have the same superbly generic hardware inside.