The LightCap 200 gives extra use to your water bottle

When camping one of the main essentials is a water bottle, not many leave without one. So its nice that a company decided to incorporate that with a bit of technology to make an easy portable light.

MSI Wind final specs – Powered by Intel Atom

MSI Wind final specs – Powered by Intel Atom

We weren’t sure the last time about which processor MSI plans to put into its Eee PC killer. Well, now we know that MSI Wind will be using Atom processor, Intel’s newest portable chip. The 10-inch LED based display sports 1024x600 pixel resolution.

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OCZ DIY Gaming Notebook – Bring your own components (BYOC)

OCZ DIY Gaming Notebook – Bring your own components (BYOC)

It is all fun time when gamers are building their desktop PC; OCZ would like to give the same DIY experience to gaming notebook. The memory company has been branching out to more sectors and DIY notebook is a totally new territory to them.

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Sanyo portable projectors with auto-change air filters

Sanyo has announced their latest portable projectors, the LP-XC55 and LP-XC50, both weighing just 4.2kg but still with 1,024 x 768 UXGA, WXGA or SXGA resolution. The company has also fitted its new Active Maintenance Filter (AMS) system, which uses a replaceable air filter cartridge rather than relying on users cleaning out the vents themselves. While the LP-XC50 has 2,600 lumens brightness, the XC55 manages 3,100 lumens.

Gear4 DUO iPod speaker-dock with removable speaker section

It's tough to think of a new concept in iPod speaker-docks; most of the more reasonable (and some of the ridiculous) shapes have been done, and you can opt for a tiny speaker that clips like a barnacle to the bottom of the PMP or a towering plinth of musical splendour.  However UK firm Gear4 have gone for flexibility with their latest DUO system.  While it may look straightforward, the front speaker section actually unclips from the main body of the DUO and, courtesy of a rechargeable battery, can be used as a portable speaker setup in the garden or anywhere away from the mains.

FC Mobile Portable NES for classic gaming on the move

Not quite as cool as fitting a full NES console into one of the actual cartridges, FC Mobile's portable NES console does actually let you play the games while on the move.  Running on a few AA batteries, the handheld has a 2.4-inch LCD screen and internal stereo speakers (together with a headphone socket if all that 8-bit music starts to frustrate your fellow passengers on the train).  Alternatively, you can hook it up to your TV via the included AV cable.

Canon PIXMA iP100 super-flat portable printer

Canon have announced an update to their PIXMA range of portable inkjet printers.  The PIXMA iP100 is a refreshed version of the now-venerable iP90v, increasing both print speed and resolution, while still offering the ability to run from a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack promising around 290 pages per full charge.  Measuring just 12.7 x 2.4 x 7.2-inches and weighing in at 4.4lbs, Canon are positioning the iP100 as ideal for road-warriors and those unwilling to wait to their end of their vacation to print off their holiday snaps.

SlashGear Week in Review – April 7th through April 13th

This was a long week with no major events occurring, but there were some pretty big announcements. For starters we have a new BitTorrent Set Top Box from Myka, no more will you have to waste power by leaving your entire computer running all night just to get the latest screener from FXG or aXXo, and this little set top box will do it for you and then play it right from its hard drive for added ease. Then there were rumors abound of Blockbuster potentially putting out a new Set Top Box to push their movies, TV Shows, and other content out to.

Blockbuster working on Set-Top Box – no more driving to the movie store

There are tons of rumors flying around that are substantiated by little more than the fact that someone wrote them, that Blockbuster is working a new Set-Top Box to push movies out to. Some are calling it an Apple TV competitor, but I highly doubt it will be.

Chumby Hacks – now with larger LCD goodness

For those of you that don’t know about the Chumby, or forget what it does, it was basically a personal assistant that was portable. You could get the weather on it, RSS feeds, all sorts of other good stuff as well.

Stealth MXP by MXI Security now offered in 8GB capacities

It’s not so much the hardware of this thumb drive that would interest prospective buyers, but more the software. Although the security provided by the integrated fingerprint reader is a dandy added bonus to all the software security you get.

Toshiba Sleep-and-Charge USB ports – a true stroke of innovative genius!

So, more and more gadgets that people acquire are either USB powered, coming with USB chargers or have USB chargers available for them. So why is it that up until now another common portable device that could charge these items is constantly put to waste when it’s off? That’s right, Toshiba has had a true stroke of genius and because of it your Notebook will soon be able to act as a USB charging station regardless of whether it’s on, off, or in sleep/hibernation modes.