Portable Motion Detecting LED Night Light brightens up the dark

Portable Motion Detecting LED Night Light brightens up the dark

The Portable Motion Detecting LED Night Light is a fun and useful gadget that makes getting around in the dark a whole lot easier. And though it only works at night, you don't need it during the day, anyway.

Whether you're walking around the house at night or stepping outside for a moment, this LED Night Light makes getting around easier and safer. It runs on a battery and produces a soft blue light so as to not be harsh on the eyes. A photocell is built in that can detect the brightness of the area. The device will only switch on if it is dark.

When the motion sensor is triggered, the LED will turn on and make seeing in the dark easy. The batteries are preserved due to the at-night only function and you can even set auto shut off times. This is a really cool product and for $24.99, it's something you may very well find yourself using once the sun goes down.

[via The Red Ferret Journal]

Mint Wireless V10 pico-projector gets Aussie launch in September

Mint Wireless are preparing to launch a pico-projector capable of creating a 50-inch 640 x 480 image from a box measuring just 125 x 55 x 23mm.  The V10, which goes on sale in Australia in September 2008, can either connect to a laptop or use media stored on its 1GB of internal memory or via its SD slot.

The very portable Sound Ball Speaker

These lightweight little balls would be great to toss on your key chain or attach to a bag. Although they look a bit like something you would buy for your cat to play with, these little speakers would be extremely convenient.

Intel Classmate PC launched in UK – priced at £239

Intel Classmate PC launched in UK – priced at £239

With flock of tiny netbook in the market, it’s about time for us to see one that is targeted towards education market, especially for the younger age tech consumer. Intel Classmate PC aka JumPC aka The Small has arrived in UK.

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IHM6 Speaker Pouch puts your iPod on display

Portable speakers are a dime a dozen anymore, but this new design also has a protective pouch attached to it to set it apart from the competition. That pouch will not only keep your iPod safe, but also allows for you to watch movies on it still.

Maxx Digital DVD player mimics the PSP

I like many others love my PSP and it turns out that Maxx Digital has a similar fondness for the portable gaming device. Actually, they would just like to borrow a few of the design qualities.

ASUS Eee PC 901 Linux Edition Review

If the ASUS Eee 900 basically amounted to a larger-screened version of the 7-inch original, then the Eee 901 marks its graduation into a distinct model.  Packing Intel's latest 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor, in place of the 900's Celeron 900MHz, ASUS could reasonably have left the rest of the notebook the same and simply added a little to the price.  Thankfully they've subjected the 901 to a mild degree of fettling, tweaking case and controls and making for a markedly more attractive proposition.  ASUS sent over the Windows version of the 901; check out what exactly impressed us after the cut.

Wooden portable NES mod

At first glance this looks like a Gameboy Micro clad in wood, but actually the scale is rather different.  The handiwork of The Longhorn Engineer, it's in fact a modified Nintendo-on-a-chip (NOAC) retro NES gaming console packed into a custom wooden case and given a 3.5-inch display and Li-ion batteries for some portable classic play.

Optoma DLP Pico-Projector to launch later in 2008

Optoma have announced their latest pico-projector, a cellphone-sized portable presentation device that is the first to use the DLP Pico chipset.  The company has been pretty coy with details - projected size, for instance, is quoted as "up to 100 times larger" than the 2 to 3-inch display on the source device - and aside from what we can glean from the images the connections it uses are similarly vague.

The Public Alert Weather Radio and Weather Station

Working here at Slashgear means that I work from home and occasionally forget to glance outside. I don't even watch local TV, the entire town could be swooped up into a tornado and I would never even know it. With my tendency to wear headphones all the time it would take a power outage for me to think to look up from my computer.

Notebook desk features built-in fan and speakers

Some of us have or have had that laptop that is way too hot to just place on your lap. Either you feel like you're in a sauna or it gets so burning hot it ends up scalding your lap. Even my MacBook doesn't get super hot, but after a little while it gets to be a bit obnoxious.

Lucky Brand’s Geisha portable speakers

Anyone who enjoys a lot of Asian artwork might enjoy these portable speakers which feature a design that is traditional Asian style mixed with a bit of pop-art. Also if you aren't a fan of your speakers floating around in your bag without any protection, this hardshell zipper pouch might be better for those that are a little less graceful.

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