Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo review

So I met with Buffalo at CES, and then shortly after they were kind enough to send me their LinkStation Pro Duo for review. I must say I am impressed, it is quite squarely aimed at business users, but for home users, it has some fairly useful features as well.

Microsoft has some new wireless laser mice

They are the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and 7000. There really isn’t much new here, they have some custom buttons for Windows Vista and one of them is meant for on the go use, the other for stationary desktop use.

Coleman battery powered blender

This is the only thing Mr. Buffet was missing, salt, glasses, and ingredients are all portable, and now, so is the blender. It takes 2 6-volt batteries, which seem to be about $4 each, but that lasts you for about 20-30 blends.

Jellyclick ultra portable mouse

I have a wireless mouse and I’ve never had difficulty taking it anywhere, it’s small as mice are and there are no cords so I could put it in my pocket if needed. Apparently, though, there is enough of a need for smaller mice when traveling someone has come up with the idea for something called a Jellyclick mouse.

Rumor: Apple’s MacBook Air SuperDrive exclusivity explained

So the rumor is that the MacBook Air didn’t just jeer off the beaten path of an Intel ultra-portable at the processor stop, but also at the USB stop. Basically the reason the external SuperDrive will only work with the MacBook Air is due to power requirements that only the MacBook Air’s supercharged USB port can supply.

Fujitsu LifeBook E8410 has Penryn Inside

Check out the latest offerings from Fujitsu, a new 15.4” notebook with Intel’s latest 45nm Core 2 Duo architecture Penryn processors inside. Its being marketed as a desktop replacement notebook which likely means it has some considerable heft to it, but the C2D T8100 2.1GHz Penryn should make it pull a premium on whatever you are doing.

Disgo Video Plus Camcorder

The Disgo Video Plus has two great features that come with it. You can fit it in your pocket and you won’t break $100 if your spring for it. Its features aren’t that bad either.

DIY Portable Sega Dreamcast mod

Once again I'm ashamed of my lack of Dremel skills.  The product of a feverish desire to take the Sega Dreamcast out on the move, this mod is a custom vacuum casing containing not only the guts of the console but a set of two 7.2V 3Ah R/C car batteries.  Rather intimidatingly, the game CD simply clips onto the spindle at the back with no door or cover to protect your soft, delicate fingers.


CES 2008: Memorex Designer DVD Players

If you’re looking to add a little flare to your DVD viewing, Memorex has new designer set-top and portable DVD players. They come in a “variety” of colors that consist of only metallic pink or black.

CES 2008: Slacker Portable

So last night I was at this show, and the guys from Slacker were there both showing off their software, and there hardware. I am a big fan of Pandora, and their product looked very similar, so, once I get back to somewhere where I have a high speed internet connection I think I am going to switch over. But their hardware products are amazing.

CES 2008: AnyPlay Portable DVR

Panasonic and Comcast debuted their first portable DVR player yesterday. It’s powered by tru2way technology and they call it Anyplay. Comcast put it’s digital video recording into a Panasonic P-DVR platform to create the AnyPlay.

It features 60GB of digital recording capacity, an 8.5 folding LCD screen and stereo speakers. It also comes with a dual audio headphone jack and when placed in a companion dock that functions as a standard DVR, the AnyPlay P-DVR will allow you to watch and record TV programs from your TV. Of course, unlike a traditional set-top box, you can take it with you anywhere.

CES 2008: Orbitsound promise stereo audio from single speaker enclosure

Some might say it's the holy grail of audio: getting stereo sound out of a single speaker enclosure, and ridding your room of the cables, multiple boxes and other detritus we've relied on before.  British company Airsound have developed what they're calling airSOUND, a "single point stereo" system that apparently has no 'sweetspot' position but instead provides total balanced audio in a space, and just to prove it works they've set up the Orbitsound product range launched at CES 2008.