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Slingbox Pro HD to stream 1080i video come August

Poor Gizmodo - they managed to get their hands on one of Slingbox's new Pro HD media shifters, but didn't get to actually plug it in and watch the high-def 1080i streamed video in action.  Still, they've got some nice photos of the familiar arch shape, and the bristling input/output panel at the rear, and were able to tell us that the black casing looks better than earlier models.


X-Lay portable media player from SAFA is tiny but packing

Why is that we want our TV’s to be huge and we want portable media players to be so tiny you have to squint to see them? It’s one of the great mysteries of the human race. In any case, there is yet another portable player to take into consideration for you teeny tiny needs.

iStation U43 PMP is amazing

Why is it that the companies from far away lands that no one has ever heard of are the people releasing the PMPs that could actually give the iPod a run for its money? Why can’t Microsoft, a multi-billion dollar company come up with something that a company in Korea with an operating budget likely in the millions can come up with?

TurboLinux’s Wizpy does what most PMPs do, plus more

TurboLinux’s Wizpy does what most PMPs do, plus more

Wizpy from TurboLinux is a gizmo packed with features such as media playback (MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, DivX,) – FM radio, sound recorder, e-book reader, and photo display device. Another notable attraction of this gizmo is its computing applications that includes browser, email, and office software. The Wizpy sports 256,000-color OLED screen weight only 60g. Plugging this gizmo to a PC using USB will give user their own operating system environment. Wizpy was launch in Japan earlier this year.

[via Wizpy]

AppleTV gets new role as in-car entertainment

"Here in my car" Gary Numan crooned, "I feel safest of all - I can lock all my doors, it's the only way to live... in cars."  Wise words from the 80s wastrel, and I'm sure he'd approve even more of the jalopy lifestyle if his ride had a built in AppleTV.  The handiwork of mod-maestro Brandon Holland, it's a custom mounting of the hard-drive-blessed media device together with a 7-inch flip-out LCD, all squashed inside his 1990 Eagle Talon.


Zune 2 Photo Leaks – Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse

Apparently it can, and Microsoft knows just how. There appears to be 3 new models, the two smaller ones are the 4 and 8 Gigabyte sizes and the full sized one is, as best I can read the out of focus print, carrying an 80GB hard drive.

Just up front, I want to state that SlashGear has no deal with Microsoft to keep the embargo of these photos, and they weren’t sent directly to us, they are from Zune-Online.com, but the embargo was until midnight of the 3rd, or tonight for those of you who stay up late. Now on to business, its nice to see that MS is finally giving the 2nd gen Nano a run for its money, too bad they are a full generation too late. Also, the 80GB Zune, once again, a day late and a dollar short, Apple now has 160GB iPod classics.

Newtrend Electronics Produces Nameless PMP With DVB-T

First off, I want to state that I am perturbed by the fact that we still don’t have this wireless TV technology over here, sure the fact that the number of people per square mile in most oriental countries is considerably higher, allowing for a larger customer base for short range wireless devices, but still. Anyways, they have been blessed with another portable TV equipped with DVB-T and a 7” screen.

The DVB-T even supports the EPG programming guide and teletext. There is also a lengthy list of codecs supported, starting with WAV, AAC, MP3, WMA, M-JPEG, MPEG1,2,4 , JPEG, and DivX.

iRiver NV – sleek media player and loaded with features

The iRiver NV is simply the sexiest media player I’ve seen so far. With minimalist design with a 7-inch LCD screen and a single navigation wheel, the iRiver NV got it all; the look, the touch, and the functions.

Secret-agent earphones are tougher than the Feds

These might look like what the fashion-conscious FBI agent is wearing in their ear this season but in fact they're just a set of normal in-ear headphones, albeit coming in unusual colours.  The brand name is pretty odd too - AiAiAi - but the specs hopefully speak for themselves: 20 to 20,000Hz frequency range and super-tough break resistant cabling.


Cowon L2 – GPS, DMP, and PMP Combo

All-in-one gadget is coming like a big storm. Cowon is part of that storm with its L2. The Cowon L2 is a combo of GPS, DMP, and PMP. Sleek design and portability makes this a dream multimedia gadget. Weighting only 512grams and 191x120x26mm dimension, the L2 features 7-inches WGVGA display and 2GB built-in storage.

Brica ViewArt 1000 – MP3 Player, WebCam, DVR, oh should I go on?

Never have I seen any gadgets that have more functions than Brica ViewArt 1000. It works as a video camera, digital camera, webcam for PC, FM tuner, e-book reader, MP3 player, audio recorder, video player (built-in TV output), and digital video recorder (with its TV input).

The recorded video will be saved as ASF file with 320x240 resolution. As for playback, the Brica ViewArt 1000 supports AVI, Quicktime, MPG, WMV, and Realmedia video files. The MP3 player supports MP3, unprotected WMA and WAV audio files.

Sony Walkman B100 – Bye Bye ATRAC

Sony is learning the media player industry, slowly. There is rumor that Sony is going to start making media player that allow user to transfer music files without Sony’s SonicStage that convert music files to ATRAC format. The B100 will be the first Sony’s Walkman that allows direct transfers with drag-n-drop.

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