ViewSonic MB-P702 PMP/ereader surprises by not being a tablet

We'll admit, we were so intrigued by ViewSonic's ViewPad 7 and ViewPad 100 last week, we didn't spot their MB-P702 PMP/ereader at the booth.  According to imp3, the 7-inch slate may look like yet another tablet, but actually it's a whole lot more focussed than the similarly-sized ViewPad 7.  No Android, no web browsing or Google Maps; just 1080p HD video playback with an HDMI output.

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Philips GoGear Connect hands-on [Video]

Philips' GoGear Connect PMP was meant to make its debut here at IFA 2010, but the company took the wraps off a few days early after leaks. We grabbed hands-on time with the Android-based media player today, and - after a somewhat glitchy start - found it's actually a decent attempt to twist Google's OS into a more narrow focus of device. Check out our first impressions and some video after the cut.

Video demo after the cut

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iPod nano 6th-gen hands-on

At first glance, if it wasn't for the touchscreen display up front, you could easily mistake the new iPod nano for the iPod shuffle.  Significantly smaller than its predecessor, the new nano gains a clip, a 1.54-inch 240 x 240 multitouch-capable display and the shuffle's VoiceOver, turning it potentially Apple's most tactile PMP yet.

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iPod shuffle 4th-Gen hands-on

Of Apple's three new iPods today, the iPod shuffle is probably the easiest to conceptualize: the design and controls of the second-gen shuffle, paired with the VoiceOver technology of the third-gen.  That doesn't make it any less appealing in the metal, however, with a pleasing return to the squared-off clip form factor of before and an even smaller, lighter chassis.

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iPod touch 4th-gen hands-on

Steve Jobs revealed that the iPod touch has become the best-selling iPod from the company's range, and having spent some hands-on time with the fourth-generation model we don't see that changing anytime soon.  Even thinner than before - at just 0.28-inches deep - and now fronted by the same glorious Retina Display from the iPhone 4, the new iPod touch delivers the dual cameras we were hoping for and plenty more.

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Samsung YP-U6 and YP-Q3 PMPs Now Official

We know that a certain Apple event just ended, and we know that the Cupertino-based company just went out of their way to show off a plethora of brand new iPod devices, but let's face it -- there are other options out there for you to consume your favorite music/media while you're out and about. Take, for example, these two brand new PMPs that Samsung was happy (or brave enough) to make official today. Feast your eyes on the Samsung YP-Q3 and YP-U6.

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Archos 28, 32, 43, 70 & 101 Tablets Announced, Feature Android in Range of Sizes

We can probably safely assume at this point that tablets are here to stay. At least for awhile. And considering the effort that Archos has already put into the Android-based "tablet" market, there's no surprise here that they've just pulled the curtain off five (5!) brand new tablet devices, all featuring Google's mobile Operating System. Ranging in sizes and prices, as well as plenty of Archos-based "improvements" to the User Interface, meet the family of new Archos tablets.

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SanDisk Fuze+ MP3 Players Announced, Available Now with New Design

SanDisks' Fuze line-up of Personal Media Players have managed to remain present on the market for awhile now, without ever bringing too much attention to themselves. They're what you might call the "minimal" PMP, with not much going for them in the features department. Fortunately, SanDisk have finally managed to update the PMPs, not only giving them the favorite "+" symbol now, but also making them attractive enough to give a second glance.

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Apple Liveblog reminder & rumor round-up

Apple's annual iPod event is 24 hours away, and we're counting off the minutes before the traditional SlashGear liveblog.  We'll be firing up the servers over at in time for the event to begin at 10am Pacific, but if you believe the rumors it's not just iPods that we can expect.  In addition to talk of a new, much smaller iPod nano, plus a camera-toting iPod touch, we've also heard about a possible new online iTunes service.

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