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SlashGear Weekly Roundup Video – May 15, 2011

This past week's Google I/O developer conference brought lots of Google news involving Android, Google Music Beta, Google TV, Android Market, and Chromebooks. The keynotes for both days of the event were live casted, but just in case you weren't following along, we've highlighted them again. Various bits of news and videos were released this week from manufacturers Samsung, LG, and HTC, while a surprise announcement came late Saturday from Sony announcing that they've begun restoring the PlayStation Network.

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Sony’s Next PSN Challenge: Restoring Reputation

After weeks of downtime, governmental scrutiny and untold user fury, Sony has finally begun to restore PlayStation Network and Qriocity streaming media services. It's not been an easy journey, either: it wasn't just server failure that took the PSN offline, but a security breach that saw millions of consumer records snatched out from under Sony's nose. With only the slightest publicly-released information to go on, systems experts have looked on in horror as Sony took a forced deep-dive through server strata, uncovering the flaws - in its data centers and its ego - that allowed the hack to take place. Still, Sony may find that restoring the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services were the easy part - rebuilding its ailing reputation may be far trickier.

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Leaked Letter from Sony Reveals More Details About PlayStation Network Hack

We have had a lot of news over the past 23 days about the hack and closure of Sony's PlayStation Network, but there are still a lot of questions over what exactly happened. Sony said in its letter to Congress that the attack was a “very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack”. And it certainly has set Sony back on its heels, with the network still down, and Sony still struggling to clean up the mess the hack has caused, and losing the trust of its users. Now, a letter sent from Sony to publishers of the PlayStation Network and Qriocity yesterday has been leaked, and we have a few more details about what happened.

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PSN outage bites as angry gamers defect to Xbox

Gamers are not generally a patient lot, and they are unforgiving when it comes to errors and issues with a game. When an outage like the PSN being down for so long in the wake of the attacks on Sony servers drags on and no online games can be played patients is as thin as the emperor's new clothes. Sony has apologized for the outage and has noted that it will launch PSN service again as soon as possible, but gamers are apparently fed up with the wait.

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Sony May Offer Reward For Info To Help Catch PSN Hackers, Denies Claims Of Outdated Servers

We mentioned earlier today that Sony is still uncertain when their PlayStation Network, Qriocity, and Sony Online Entertainment services can return online, although the plan at the moment is to reboot all the systems by May 31st. Sony's online gaming services were hacked over two weeks ago and the company is still scrambling to revamp security. But, now there are reports that Sony may consider offering a reward for information that can lead to the capture of the hackers responsible for the attack.

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SlashGear Weekly Roundup Video – May 7, 2011

Once again, we attempt to bring you a roundup of the week's tech news in under 6 minutes. The chaos of the Sony PlayStation Network breach continued into this past week. Apple unleashed an iOS update that addressed most of the location tracking concerns. Intel made their biggest announcement of the year with a new 22-nm 3D Tri-Gate transistor technology that really puts it ahead of the competition. Other major announcements came from the BlackBerry World conference as well as from a Samsung event. For the full list and video continue after the cut.

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