Price-cut PlayBook still unpopular

The Blackberry PlayBook has been a sales disappointment for RIM since it was launched. Consumers simply didn’t buy the tablet and those that did aren't happy that the Playbook lacks the basic features that you expect in a tablet like email and others. RIM recently confirmed that the Playbook OS 2.0 wouldn't come until February 2012 bringing email and Android app support to the tablet.

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RIM confirms PlayBook OS 2.0 Feb 2012 release

Rumors were flying this week that RIM was pushing the much anticipated PlayBook OS 2.0 update out to early 2012. At the time, the rumor was making rounds there was no official word from RIM on the fate of the OS update. PlayBook OS 2.0 is the update that will bring with it support for native email, PIM access, and Android apps.

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RIM Playbook OS 2.0 now rumored for mid-February

RIM's PlayBook tablet didn’t do very well on the market, but it is still available unlike the TouchPad. RIM has recently shown off the second version of the PlayBook OS reports BGR and the final version of the OS for PlayBook users to download is said to be landing by the middle of February 2012. This is the update that lots of PlayBook owners are dying to get that brings support for two key things to the tablet.

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BlackBerry Playbook RadioShack price reduction in effect

It's time again to reduce the price of a tablet PC, ladies and gentlemen, and today it's the BlackBerry PlayBook at RadioShack. Starting immediately and running through November 5th, 2011, RadioShack will be offering the PlayBook for $279.99, though watch out, there's two different deals going on! Details below! Meanwhile remember that this is one of the relatively few tablets on the market to be running the 1GHz Dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor, and RIM is backing it all the way through the future.

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Sprint Cancels WiMAX BlackBerry PlayBook

In a move that's likely going to have users on both sides of the brands setting down their cups of beer and adding a little vodka, Research in Motion's BlackBerry Playbook has been dropped from Sprint's plans to carry the device with WiMAX. The PlayBook now has not secured deals for carrying by and of the largest three mobile carriers in the United States, including AT&T and Verizon Wireless. RIM will now have to market and bear the full burden of device development including support for application developers all on its own - not the most positive situation while other top-name brands have carrier supported tablets of their own.

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The folks at have today noted that they'll be launching a fully web-based HTML5 version of their very popular cloud storage app. This new version will allow any mobile device, for example, running an HTML5-powered mobile web browser to run this now much more universally accessible platform. This new HTML5 app will have the same (or eventually more) functions as the mobile apps that are available on smartphones and tablets today, this app then allowing those apps to perhaps expire should the user want to simply work with the web-based solution.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Certified For U.S. Government Use

Although RIM's mobile business seems to be lagging behind in many aspects, they did manage to snag a first today. The BlackBerry maker announced that their PlayBook is now the very first tablet to be certified for use by the U.S. government. This of course is to prove the PlayBook meets even the highest enterprise security needs.

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