Samsung P410M compact projector

Samsung have taken the wraps off of their latest pocket-projector, the P410M, and while you'd certainly need reasonably-sized pockets to carry it, it perhaps makes up for things by offering higher than usual specs.  The P410M boasts up to 800 x 600 resolution and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, together with inputs that include VGA, composite and a USB port.

bTendo laser pico-projector modules tested [Video]

While the pico-projectors that have graced the SlashGear test bench have not exactly proved entirely disappointing, they've not persuaded us to part with our own money after we've sent them back.  bTendo's MEMS-based scanning laser pico-projector module might change all that, promising brighter colors, improved power efficiency and no need to manually focus.  PicoProjector-info got some hands-on time with the bTendo modules, and as you can see in the image here, the laser technology (on the right) easily outclasses a standard LCoS projector.

Video demo and comparison after the cut

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AAXA P1 LCoS-based pico projector review

Having used four generations of home entertainment projector over the last decade, I was skeptical of small-form factor pico projectors when they first surfaced. A pocket-size projector with dimensions similar to a remote control or a cellphone, running super-cool and battery-operated for up to an hour of continuous use. That’s all tempting stuff, but can they deliver? Last month, we reviewed the UK-based BeamBox Evolution R1 Pico-projector; today, we have a close cousin with the same LCoS microdisplay but in different outfit: the AAXA P1 pico projector. (video after the cut)

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