Nikon D90 DSLR demo unit recall tips incoming replacement

Nikon D90 DSLR demo unit recall tips incoming replacement

Rumors of a replacement for Nikon's D90 DSLR have been fuelled by reports that the company is requesting the return of retail demo units.  According to Nikon Rumors, employees at a major retailer are reporting that "all stores have been told to remove demo Nikon D90 bodies from display and send them back to head office," while others claim the Nikon SB-600 flash is also up for replacement at Photokina 2010.

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AgfaPhoto at Photokina- We still make film cameras

Apparently the marketing team at Agfaphoto didn’t get the memo that analog segment in photo camera has long lost it battle to digital cameras. They are still showing not one, but two snapshot film cameras at Photokina. Now that doesn’t make much sense to me; new comer looks to learn back-to-basic photography would probably force to pick up a film camera due to academic reason. (Yes, photographer-wannabe has to start from scratch) There are plenty of prosumer and pro-level film cameras widely available in used market and they are dirt cheap; you can find them almost everywhere from ebay to local mom and pop stores. Why would one buy a new point and shoot film camera at this point?
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Leica to release new S Digital SLR System, packs 35MP S2 DSLR with nine new lenses to come

You would think Leica has done with Photokina with announcements of Rangefinder M8.2 and couple of P&S, not so. Leica biggest announcement is yet to come! Perhaps the best kept recent news from the Photokina 2008, Leica is about to release an unexpected Leica S system- First with S2 DSLR packs a whopping 30mm x 45mm 37MP image sensor, which is 56 percent bigger than DSLR 35mm full frame sensor.

New Pentax DSLR known as K2000, bundled an external flash

The formerly leaked Pentax K-M is formally introduced in US as K2000, an entry level Digital SLR with rather bizarre bundles – kit with an external flash on a built in flash body. Who cares as long as it’s affordable right? The Pentax K2000 features a 10.2-megapixel APS-C CCD, 2.7-inch QVGA screen, in-body Dust Removal and Shake Reduction in compact and lightweight stainless steel chassis. Liveview and video mode are not featured in this entry-level model.

Pentax k-m Digital SLR and new gears leaked at Pentax German

A brief introduction of Pentax novelties preps for Photokina was leaked- shown an entry Digital SLR and several new gears at its German site, but was later removed by the offical. A Pentax fan has reported similar act revealed at Amazon UK site with detail of the new Digital SLR, a lightweight and plastic 10 megapixel Digital SLR bundled with a all-around 18-55mm or 50-200mm.

French magazine deciphered Canon’s Destined Evolution: Revealed 5D mark II specification, partially

A reputable French magazine, Chasseur d’images, that brought you an ad leak on Leica 50mm F0.95 Noctilux has an interesting post on their website involving the year most anticipated digital camera – Canon EOS 5D mark II.

Chasseur d’images is one of French’s most-read photography magazines, they probably have got to look at and even field-test the camera. They did mention and state the information as rumors that have been circulating the web recently (so they don’t break NDA?). It’s in French, so the babefish translation is slightly challenging. Here is a few points of interest.

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