NASA crafts 160-megapixel image of our closest galaxy

There's really nothing better than an insanely large image, and NASA created a large one of their own, except this isn't an panorama of a landscape here on Earth. It's an image of our nearest galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud. Astronomers at NASA and Pennsylvania State University used NASA's Swift satellite to create the magnificent imagery.

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Google now supports Photo Sphere embeds on any website

Photo Sphere is one of the new features that comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and since only a small number of handsets have Android 4.2, only a handful of users can experience the Street View-like photos that come with it, and it's limited to only Google services as far as sharing goes. However, Google just enabled Photo Sphere embeds that allow web developers to insert a Photo Sphere onto any website.

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