HTC Media Link unboxing [Video]

It's been a long time since we first caught sight of HTC's Media Link, squeezed into an HTC Sense presentation back at the launch of the Desire HD and Desire Z. The two phones have launched and gone on sale, but it's taken longer for the compact DLNA wireless streaming box to arrive. Patience has served us well, though, and now the Media Link is fresh on the SlashGear test bench.

Unboxing video after the cut

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Sony Ericsson LiveView Review

A tiny sub-display, for remotely-controlling your Android smartphone and sneaking glances at incoming messages when you probably should be paying attention in class, in meetings or in the midst of romantic dinners: what's not to like about Sony Ericsson's LiveView? The compact OLED display promises to pick out the most important updates from your smartphone and push them out to your wrist or wherever you have the LiveView clipped, but does the real-world experience live up to the marketing promise? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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Wii Speak Phased Out by Nintendo …Maybe

Just about a half a month ago, we reported the fact that Nintendo was asking developers of the game Conduit 2 to not utilize Wii Speak in their game. Looks like it was because now, just a couple weeks later, they've announced they're going to completely phase out the Wii Speak peripheral - perhaps to replace it with something neater?

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Slimline PS3 Bluetooth headset incoming?

Sony's PS3 went from chubby to slim; isn't it about time the companion Bluetooth headset lost some of its tubbiness too?  A Kotaku tipster spotted a promo sleeve for what looks to be the second-gen Sony PS3 Bluetooth earpiece, with a $49.99 price-tag and what looks to be simpler fascia controls.

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Scosche iClops iPod/iPad webcam and Optoma Neo-i pico-projector dock incoming

The market for iPhone accessories is huge, but it's also 99-percent full of nasty cases we wouldn't want anywhere near our shiny Apple hardware.  However, glancing through iLounge's preview of 2011 products and two stand out: the provisionally-titled Scosche iClops webcam, which gives camera-free iOS devices a 2.1-megapixel CMOS of their own, and the Optoma Neo-i pico-projector iPhone dock.

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